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Tree Protectors


Outside Louisiana


Tree Protectors provide your trees with good growing environments that promote quicker growth. They create a miniature greenhouse type environment for each tree and encourage vertical rather than lateral growth. Additionally, tree protectors will provide some water for the trees as water will condense on the tree protector and drip to the ground.
Our tree protectors are constructed of a durable, U/V stabilized material that can withstand the forces of nature for years. Our tree protectors can be easily installed after the tree is planted and removed when it is no longer needed, allowing it to be used more than once. They are easily secured to a stake with zip ties or string (stakes/ties not provided).

3-foot tall tree protector $2.69 each.
4-foot tall tree protector $3.29 each.
5-foot tall tree protector $3.99 each.

$10.99 shipping on orders less than $150. Orders over $150 ship free.

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Posted By Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery Site Sponsor