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Chas Champagne

Sorry no post lately. I have been busy the last couple of days smokin um in the Lake.
Went yesterday with friend Cody Favre who doesn't get to fish with me much. When I pulled up to the first spot and saw clean water and perfect incoming tide I told him to hold on and keep the net by our feet. We caught our 50 so fast it was studip. We then threw oversized baits trying to get a horse and still managed to catch 30 more which were released. The best part about these fish was that you had to net everyone. We had atleast 25 fish over 20" (easy 3's) and a close to 10 topping 4 lbs. It was some of the biggest average I have seen in a while. I was very shocked that we didn't snag a 7 or 8 pounder as I just knew that bite would happen with that many 3's and 4's. Every time we would hook one I would say "Is that the one were looking for?" But the wall thanger never came. We brought the fish to his dad Otis Favre because he has been asking me for some.
Went out today and got stood up from my friend who was suppost to be at my house by 5:00am. He called and said he drank too much last night. Couldn't get the big girls going today as the howling east wind held the tide from falling like I hoped. On the way home I stopped at a small fish spot to and caught my limit before I could even blink. I would have played catch and release for a while but I was taking to many over the bow. I left my camera at home unfortionately because yesterday's fish would have made one unbelievable picture. Somebody is going to put one hell of a fish in the boat this week. You just have to be at the right place at the right time and you must be doing everything right to give yourself that opportunity.

See yall out there and good fishin'
Quit it man ,just quit I'm stuck here at work and I'm about to hurl!!!!Send me an email and next time someone stands you up I'll take sloppy seconds and pay for my share of the gas.