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Oregon waypoint transfer

Captain Paul, thanks so much for all the help today with the edge file. You are the bomb!

the way to do it with an oregon is once you have the file in basecamp, in 'my collection' right click, and choose send to, then send to the Oregon. takes about 2 seconds. I have all 3xx waypoints and I'm ready to go. lol

thanks again

Mark aka Catcher's Mitt
It was nice speaking to you today. I am glad that you were able to download the EDGE files into your Garmin Oregon GPS unit.

As I said on the phone, it us one of the few models that I do not have.

I did the download of the EDGE files directly from the Gramin BASE CAMP program directly into several of my Garmin hand held units, and it worked every time.

This info will NOT go into file 13.

Thanks for the 'Atta-boy.' I appreciate it.

Captain Paul