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Trip before the front

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Last night started out with getting things together for a Pre Front trip and with the anticipation of a 10 year old on a fishing trip with Grandpa I was in bed for 8:00 and was up for 1:00 ready for the day.Well I launched out of Chalmette today and fished upper Lake Borgne area and was hoping to find some fish before the winds kicked up, It didn't take long for the winds to kick up and made the already tough situation with low tide, no water moving even tougher. Was using Artificial's working the rocks and we did catch some fish just not the amounts we like to catch hence 'Fishing' not catching. The water temperature was in the mid 60's on the depth finder and cooler deeper you go, bottom line we was able to put fish in the freezer this evening along with quite a few throw backs and had a good time on the water and for me that's the best part of the trip.
I'll be going out again after the weather setters down again next week, remember If Yu don't go You don't know.