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Catching 2 Boxes of Fish in Breton Sound

Fishing Magician Charters

Today I had the pleasure of taking out a great group of guys who work for Entergy. They came down to stay at their camp and enjoy some time working and relaxing.

The guys were Rod West, John Kingston, Billy Lawler, Shelby Gross, Ronnie Durant, Elwin Draughon, Arron Harris, Wilfred Ferbos, and Richard Klibert. Capt. Wayne Melerine helped me with the trip.

Early this morning we picked everyone up and headed to Breton Sound where we have been catching reds and sheepshead. It was a successful day. By the end of the day we had 4 boxes of fish. The guys had a great time and we did too.

On the way out this morning there was a 1' chop and on the way in there was a 2' chop. The best part about fishing the sound is you don't have to worry about knats. On the way in I did notice quite a few dead redfish still in the sound. The Wildlife and Fisheries did check me 2 days ago and when they did I asked them what they thought about all the dead reds. They said that a few of the fish were picked up and brought in for testing to see what the cause was. So, hopefully we will find out the results soon.

If you want to catch fish and have some fun, Fishing Magician Charters is the one. Also, what Capt. Frank Moore said in his report is correct. This area has some of the best captains and boats around who are willing to make sure their customers catch fish and have fun doing it. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is pleased. We all also have excellent accommodations for big, as well as large groups. Give us a call, you won't be sorry.

Capt. Johnny Nunez