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Congratulations to Staff SGT "P" John K Mayne on his recent fly fishing catch. While fishing yesterday April 30, 2008 on Calcasieu Lake with Capt John Saucier of Calcasieu Charter Service, SSGT"P" Mayne caught a 6.91# speckled trout. The catch, which should garner 7th place in the LOWA LA Fly Fishing records is being submitted for approval.
What a beautiful fish
Congrats SSgt. is that your biggest trout ever caught if so I would mount it, especially since you caught it fly fishing.
Great job. Thats the first fish in a while that the weight looks pretty darn accurate. What a beauty, I can't wait to get the pleasure to fish Big Lake.

Century Man
Thats the way!
See? That annoying 3 hour drive down 27 to Calcasieu is worth it! It is a long drive from Fort Polk to Calcasieu but it's worth it any day, if not to enjoy the water! Too bad I still can't afford a boat, but I do fine from shore so far. Any idea how to get shrimp from shore with a cast net in the wildlife refuge?

Congrats, the other "Sarge".