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Capt. Eric Dumas

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I took a trip with a friend and my son this morning with Capt. Eric Dumas. Conditions were rough, with south west winds picking up as the day progressed, and no shortage of boats out today. I can't say enough about our guide Eric! If you have ever shared a boat with Eric, you know what I mean when I say he is truely commited to putting his customers on fish! We ran south, north, and south again, burning fuel was never an issue.....he was determined to put us on fish at all cost! His efforts paid off, we picked up a few fish here and there, and caught more than most of the anglers we spoke to. We ended the day around 3pm, when just about all the other boats had given up hours before, Capt. Eric was willing to stay and see what the evening bite might bring us!! Due to family obligations we had to decline, but what a generous offer!! I had never met Eric before today, but after just a short time I felt I had know him for years. We had a great time, caught a nice mess of specks and one flounder, and picked up some great fishing tips from one of the best in the business! Thanks for a Great trip Eric, the fish were only a bonus!
Not hard for me to believe!
I have never met Eric, but I know him well. I am going to give him a call soon so he can put me and my father on some fish.
Capt. Eric
Glad that you had a good trip. Anyone that reads the posts on the 3 sites knows not only that Eric is a great fisherman but also truely a class act. If you haven't already and get a chance read his post on one of the other sites in reference to teaching a guy to fish the lake so that he can strengthen the bond with his about a post that will move you.
Other 2 sites????
RnR, and what??
I've been missing something........
(BIGJIM)I know I got 2 COUPONS from 2 differnt people and 2 mid-west deer hunts and I think they were like 75% off AND 1 WAS 95 % OFF BOTH WITH YOUR SIGNATURE SO I'M READY.....Thanks for today guy's I really enjoyed it. I just wish the fish would have let us catch then, but still 20 good fish is still a good day and all the throw backs were unreal...
Coupon King
Yeah we have to have coupons to go eat lunch with stick em otherwise he won't treat. He only goes to Burger King and will only do the buy one get one free otherwise you must wear your wooden shoes. Now Arthur (AKA Death Angel or Sheephead) will pay his share, he's doesn't squeak like Tiny Tim or Giddy Who when he walks. Only complaint with Arthur is his mouth is so big he scares all the fish away thats why ya'll didn't smoke them yesterday LOL. Glad ya'll had a good trip considering the horrible conditions. Are you still wanting to join us in Illinois, if so I'll see if I can pull a favor and get you in. Let me know, you will need a coupon.

P.S. Did Stick Em pull out his coupon book when it was time to pay????______________

Capt. (Class Act) Dumas
We started out the day on Saturday meeting Capt. Eric at the dock for a great day of fishing. I was with my friend & his son & this was my first time meeting Capt. Dumas. After about 30 seconds, I felt like we were old friends. Having said that, we headed out to one of Capt.Eric's favorite spots only to find a several boats there with the same idea in mind. No doubt they watched the Frank Davis Fish & Game report the day before! The Capt. maneuvered his Ranger boat in & out of the maze of boats,& we started to catch a few trout. After the crowd continued to grow Capt. Dumas decided to leave to find a better conditions. After a short run to another spot we started to catch Trout again. It wasn't long before a group of guys in a Skeeter boat arrived and started to troll so close that they cut the bite off for everyone there. Some people are just to inconsiderate! Being the true professional Capt. Ecic is he said nothing. We continued to hammer out a few here & there until the south west winds began to blow & the conditions worsened. But That didn't stop Capt. Dumas he was determined to see us catch fish & have fun, so he kept on keeping on & we picked up a few more. He also offered to stay all day untill late evening if we wanted to try some top water fishing, but my friend's son had a date. I remembered how I was at age fifteen when all I thought about was girls so I couldn't blame him. After an hour or two we decided to call it a day & go in. We had a great time and I would like to do it again soon. I would like to thank Capt. Eric for all his effort & for putting up with me & my friends. Also I would like to extend the invite to deer hunt with us this deer season to the Capt. & you wont need a coupon. For all of you who read this post I would highly reccomend booking your next fishing trip with Capt.
Eric Dumas. He is not only a fun guy to be with, but a true professional. Thanks again Capt. Dumas & God Bless.
Geaux Due Geaux!
hey big jim
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