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About Us

Lee Felterman & Associates has over 35 years experience in buying, selling, and brokering a wide variety of marine equipment.  We have a wide inventory including but not limited to: Supply Boats, Crew Boats, Utility Boats, Push and Tug Boats, Cranes, Yachts, Dive boats, house boats, barges, and etc.

Aluminum V-bottom Oyster / Deck Boat\r\nSize: 53ft x 14ft\r\nComplete package is BRAND NEW!\r\nYear Built: 2018 \r\nMain Engines: (2) - 350 HP Suzuki 4-Strokes\r\nEngine Hours: less than 5\r\nTop Speed: 40mph\r\nAluminum: 5/16 bottom, 1/4 sides.\r\nBulkheads: (4)\r\nFuel Capacity: 350 gallons\r\nPush Knees: yes\r\nElectronics: multiple\r\nBottom Paint: antifouling\r\nTrim Tabs: yes\r\nTrailer Included: yes, Triple Axle \r\nLocation: Louisiana \r\nAsking Price: $225,000.\r\nWell-built boat in NEW condition! Cabin can be enclosed or modified in anyway by the builder. Call or email for more info!\r\noffice@leefelterman.com

Barge Size: 110ft x 30ft x 7ft\r\n**Fresh drydock**\r\n**New Siding, spuds and fresh bottom paint**\r\nSleeps: 26 \r\nType: Steel with compartments\r\nSpuds: (2) with winches\r\nInterior: Very nicely finished\r\nFurnishings: Fully furnished\r\nUpstairs: Lounge area/Sun deck/Bar\r\nDownstairs Bar: Full service with CO2 dispenser\r\nIce Machine: 500lbs\r\nBedrooms: 4\r\nBaths: 3 full baths\r\nAir Conditioning/Heat: central\r\nWasher Dryer: yes\r\nWalkway: All around\r\nPorches: Front and rear\r\n \r\nGENERATOR BARGE\r\nGenerator Barge: 40ft x 20ft\r\nGensets: (2) John Deere 65 KW\r\nFuel: 3,000 Gallons\r\nWater: 3,000 Gallons\r\nBuilding: Heavy Metal & lockable\r\n\r\nAsking Price $260,000.\r\nGreat Living Quarters or Entertainment Houseboat!! Day Rate Lease available!\r\n\r\nCall or email for more info!\r\nmarc@leefelterman.com\r\n985-397-2848

Size: 30ft x 10ft x 3ft.\r\nExterior Blasted/Painted\r\n**Can purchase and be trucked today**\r\nBuilt: Brand new July 2019\r\nPlating: All ¼”\r\nInternal Bracing: 2″ x 3″ x 1/4″ angle with verticals\r\nMan Holes: (2)\r\nLifting Eyes: (4)\r\nLocation: Louisiana USA\r\n**Can purchase two barges to pin together for a package price, email for price*\r\nBrand New! Great for dock/bulkhead work! We can add an outboard setup. Contact for more info and photos!\r\n985-397-2848\r\noffice@leefelterman.com\r\nwww.leefellterman.com

Steel Pontoon Houseboat\r\nLast drydock: 2016\r\nYear Built: 2000\r\nSize: 55ft x 24ft x 4.5ft\r\nPontoons: (2) 4ft x 6ft x 55ft\r\nOutboards: (2) 140hp Tohatsu\r\nSpeed: 6 mph @ 3500 rpm.\r\nBedrooms: 2\r\nBathrooms: 2\r\nSpuds: 2\r\nWater capacity: 1,200 gallons.\r\nSewage treatment system: yes\r\nCentral AC/Heat: yes, 3.5 ton unit\r\nAsking Price: $150,000.\r\nNicely Furnished! It was last dry docked in 2016. 32 anodes, painted bottom. Dock slip transferable! Contact for more info!\r\noffice@leefelterman.com\r\nHB#277

Aluminum barge Houseboat\r\nYear Built of House: 2009\r\nYear Built of Barge: 1985\r\nSize: 40ft x 18ft x 2ft\r\nCompartments: (4)\r\nOutboards: (2) 70hp yamaha\r\nBedrooms: (2)\r\nBathrooms: (2)\r\nWater tank: (1)\r\nCentral AC/Heat: 1.5 ton unit\r\nGenerator: (1) onan 12kw\r\nAsking Price: $80,000.\r\nContact for more info!\r\noffice@leefelterman.com\r\nHB#278