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Hello Friends
Reel Fun® Enterprises, LLC was started by my wife and I to make and market products for the outdoor market. We currently have two products to offer, Catcher’s Mitt® and Tipster®. Both are unique and help you catch more fish. What could be better than that! The Catcher’s Mitt® you wear on your side and it keeps your hands clean and safe while you handle your catch. The Tipster® is a fishing device that you set out and it does all the work. When it tips up it is time to check it to see what you caught.

Both Libby and I have fished all of our lives and these products help us enjoy our time together on the water. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so take a little time to view the pictures and videos to see the products in action. If you have any questions about the products or our company gives us a call.

Soft rides and hard strikes

Mark and Libby Cartwright

Captain Paul, thanks so much for all the help today with the edge file. You are the bomb!

the way to do it with an oregon is once you have the file in basecamp, in 'my collection' right click, and choose send to, then send to the Oregon. takes about 2 seconds. I have all 3xx waypoints and I'm ready to go. lol

thanks again

Mark aka Catcher's Mitt

we finally got on the fish this weekend after several weeks of windy weather. we fished some of the islands in Timbalier bay. caught 50 or so trout on Saturday. Mother's day we limited out with 75.