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This is hand loaded, quality remanufactured ammunition.
6.5 Grendel, Hornady brass, Hornady bullet
20 round boxes

Call Chris 337-662-0014

V Seven stripped lower receivers for sale. I've got about 15 V7 lowers I need to move to make room for new inventory. You won't find these any cheaper anywhere. High quality receivers.

Licensed firearms dealer.

Call Chris 337-662-0014

This is remanufactured ammunition, handloaded, and deadly accurate. We can load this round in any grain bullet chosen. 20 round boxes

Call Chris 337-662-0014

I have 5 used 1911 magazines for sale. One is a Colt, Kimber, and Wilson Combat. The other two are of unknown origin.

Call Chris 337-662-0014

This is a new green laser for a S&W MP full size or compact handgun. Does not fit 2.0 models. These things retail for about $250..

Call Chris. 337-662-0014

- These are hand loaded Sierra Match Kings
- 125 grain hollow points
- high quality ammunition
- boxes of 20

I make various calibers of ammunition. If you are looking for some specific hunting ammo, call me. Please don't text me, call me. I just don't have time to respond to all the text messages. If I don't answer, leave a message. I return all voicemails.

Call Chris 337-662-0014


Licensed dealer, background checks required!

V Seven Weapons GI Seven AR-15 Stripped Receiver Set
Multi Caliber

Multiple sets available

Call Chris 337-662-0014

This is a V Seven GI lower receiver with a mil-spec lower parts kit and complete buffer assembly.

Licensed firearms dealer.

Call Chris 337-662-0014

I have a bunch of loose shotgun ammo that I've bagged up and am selling cheap. I have quite a bit of steel shot for 20 gauge and a some for 12 gauge. I have 410 ammo as well.

Call Chris 337-662-0014

20 gauge shotgun shells. These are Heavi Hammers, Steel Shot and Bismith. 1 1/4' #3
20 shotgun shells

CAll Chris 337-662-0014