Advanced Laser Engraving of Louisiana

 122 Terra Bella blvd. Covington, LA 70433

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About Us

We perform custom grip modifications to Glock and other pistols, we do NFA engravings on SBR, SBS, Silencers which have been properly registered in the NFA. Check out our work on Instagram

Instagram- advancedlaser_of_la

Tired of using that pistol brace ? Too long, too heavy for multiple shots, hard to aim ?

Let us help you convert it to a proper Short Barrel Rifle !

Then you will have a legit registered NFA Short Barreled Rifle and can use any barrel length you please. We can set you up to complete your NFA Form 1, and associated documents. Then bring the firearm to us and have it properly engraved. EForm 1's are taking right around 30-40 days.

Advanced Laser Engraving of Louisiana can do your EForm 1 engraving for Short Barrel Rifles, Suppressors, and NFA. We also engrave/stipple pistols, mags, generally anything made of metal or plastic.

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Insta- advancedlaser_of_la

Need custom grip work on your pistol....Need to get your NFA receiver engraved for your SBR, SBS, or Form 1 silencer ? We can do it.

Tired of that 'Pistol brace' that you cant extend, and barely works...Let us set you up to make it a Short Barrel Rifle. Then you can put a real stock on it.

Advanced Laser Engraving of Louisiana, located in Covington, La is your spot to get ATF NFA compliant markings on your receivers. We also go custom grip modifications on pistols to your specifications.

Check us out on Instagram : advancedlaser_of_la

Want to memorialize your son/daughters first hunt ? Or remember a significant event ?
Let us personalize the cartridge. We can do any caliber, even down to .17HMR.

The picture you are seeing is the actual end result, not photoshopped.

Email us or see us on Instagram
Insta- advancedlaser_of_la