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"How much do you charge?"

We do not "charge" anything to the seller for advertising, flagging, showings, etc. We earn a commission based on the final purchase price and it's paid to us out of the proceeds at the closing when your property sells. Our commissions range from 4-8% depending on the size of the tract. 5-6% is the typical commission rate for most of our listings. Our commission may be negotiable on a larger tract or multiple tracts.

"What kind of advertising do you do?"

Advertising our land listings is what sets us apart from many other real estate companies. Not that others don't do a good job, but RecLand advertises land to people who buy land...and we do it in ways that distinguish our listings from all the commercial and residential properties on the market. You should have more than just a sign on your property that makes local buyers aware that your property is for sale. This is how you get a better price for your land.

Our advertising program uses a wide variety of media ranging from regional radio and television ads to strategic placement of print ads in outdoor publications and newspapers. RecLand utilizes the internet as aggressively as anyone in the land business. We use featured ad space on every major land website as well as having many of our own sites that average several hundred hits per day. We also take advantage of search engine key-word placements and thousands of email blasts each month that keep our listings in front of buyers. And, yes...we'll put signs on the property, too.

RecLand has established a good working relationship with many other brokers and splits commissions fairly in an effort to encourage other real estate agents to show our listings to their clients.

"What types of property do you list?"

All we do is land...we specialize in hunting land, timberland and farms. We occasionally list land that has a residence on it, but we do not normally list houses or commercial buildings. We have a wide range of experience with pine and hardwood timberland, coastal marsh land, CRP and WRP tracts, waterfront and river tracts and farm land of most types.

"What are my obligations if I list my land with RecLand Realty?"

You are only obligated to allow us to market and sell your land for the period of time we agree to in our listing agreements. You agree to pay the commission out of the sales proceeds at closing. You pay no marketing or advertising fees.

"How do I list my property with you?"

Call our office or one of our agents and we'll come see the property. We'll complete and sign the listing agreement.

At that point, we'll take pictures of the property, create multiple aerial, location and topo maps, and get any needed information from your Assessor's Office or FSA/NRCS Office. The corners of the property will be flagged as needed. Within a few days, your property will be on several websites. It will also be added to our monthly EBlast and featured in any newspaper or magazine ads that we think may help.

We can't guarantee we'll be able to sell your land at the price you want...but we CAN guarantee we will make a lot of people know it's on the market! RecLand will aggressively advertise your property where it has the best chance of attracting serious buyers. Give us a call when you're ready and let RecLand help you sell your land.