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About Us

Bent Marine is the #1 volume new and used boat dealer in Louisiana.

Our 50,000 sq/ft showroom located in Metairie, LA is home to the largest selection of boats in Louisiana.  From bay boats to mud boats, offshore fishing boats to cruisers, Bent Marine has it all.

Largest inventory in the region of New Fountain Powerboats, Sea Hunt Boats, Xpress Aluminum Boats, Everglades Fishing Boats, Robalo Fishing Boats, Chaparral Pleasure Boats, and Premier Pontoon Boats.

Bent Marine is also home to the largest service and parts departments in the region.  With 15 bays our service department is capable of getting you back on the water fast.

Three locations to serve you, Metairie, Mandeville sales office and Mandeville service center on the water.

This is a used lower unit that we took off a bad engine was fully functional when removed from the engine. We did change the oil in the unit and it didn\'t have any water in it. \'06 275XL serial of the unit was 1B230299. The original part number from mercury was 880686T14 the newest was pn# 8M0049864. Please call if we can answer any questions 504-737-2722 Bent Marine ask for parts dept Mark or Dave or email Came off Veardo 275 hp may fit other models. Please call if you have any questions

BENT MARINE LLC METAIRIE, PLEASE CALL MARINE PARTS DEPT.: DAVE OR MARK (504) 737-2722 MARK@BENTMARINE.COM Customer decided to get a different unit\r\n\r\nNEW IN BOX / INCLUDES TRANSDUCER AND ALL BRACKETS AND FLEXIBLE WATER-RESISTANT FACE COVER.\r\n\r\nCHIRP Digital Sonar: View details that other forms of sonar won\'t show you. Humminbird CHIRP Digital Sonar is engineered to help you see individual fish, clearly identify bait and structure, and reach greater depths and range.\r\n\r\nSwitchFire Sonar: Take command of how your sonar returns appear. With two display modes, you can add or remove detail, account for water depth, temperature and turbulence, even watch lure presentations - all at the push of a button.\r\n\r\nDual Beam PLUS Sonar: Two beams combine for great detail and a generous coverage area, helping you identify fish, structure and contours. Use the narrow beam for high-accuracy returns of fish, structure, detail and the bottom profile. Opt for the wide beam when you want a larger search area. You can view the beams separately, side-by-side or blended together for the complete picture. Your coverage area will be equal to your depth.\r\n\r\nHumminbird Basemap Built-in: Our enhanced standard basemap provides you with a clear view of underwater terrain and surrounding points of interest so you can fish and navigate with total confidence. Identify buoys, daymarkers, hazards, marinas, contours, depth markers and much, much more. Includes charts of more than 10,000 lakes, plus coastal coverage for the U.S.\r\n\r\nAutoChart Live: Create real-time maps of your fishing spots, with access to patented Humminbird? LakeMaster? features. Map depth contours, bottom hardness and vegetation as you drive your boat, with eight hours of built-in recording time.\r\n\r\nEthernet Networking: High-speed Ethernet allows you to build a powerful, professional-grade fishing system. Easily connect multiple fish finders, or upgrade to add-on technologies like Minn Kota i-Pilot Link, Minn Kota Talon, 360 Imaging and CHIRP Radar.\r\n\r\nBluetooth Networking: Keep your phone out of the water and in your pocket by displaying notifications on your Humminbird. You can also take control of your most-used features with an optional Bluetooth remote (RC2).\r\n\r\nLakeMaster Compatible: Upgrade to the unrivaled accuracy and detail of Humminbird LakeMaster maps. From easy-to-read contours, to highlighed depth ranges, to scrollable lake lists, you\'ll have all the tools you need to make every moment count.

CHIRP MEGA DI GPS\r\n\r\nCame on new boat but customer upgraded to different MEGA \r\n\r\nin box factory warranty \r\n\r\nincludes transducer and brackets plus wires \r\n\r\nAsk for Mark or Dave in the parts dept 504-737-2722\r\n\r\\r\n\r\nThanks for calling. We thank you for your business.


This is a used Stryker TTop. It had some corrision on the feet and a crack in the tube. The legs and braces have been repaired and powder coat was redone. It also comes with a new Black canvas cover with a new string to tie the canvas on. Please ask for Mark or Dave in the parts dept 504-737-2722.

880686T15 Is the orignal part number from Mercury 8M0049865 is the updated part number. It serial number was 1B232355 It is a H/D 5.44\'. This is a used part and AS IS NO WARRANTY. We did put new oil in the unit but there was no water. Please call Bent Marine 504-737-2722 and ask for parts dept. Mark or Dave or email came off a Verado 275hp may fit other models

LEFT HANDED 225 hp LOWER UNIT 30\' SHAFT Suzuki. This is a used piece and was working when removed. It is As is no warranty part. Please call Mark or Dave at Bent Marine in the parts dept. 504-737-2722\r\nor email Please call if you have any questions about fitment

This is a 25\' shaft \'98 DT140 25\' Shaft right hand. This unit was working when it was taken out. It is used \r\nand is As Is No Warranty piece. Please call Mark or Dave at 504-737-2722 ext 1122 Bent Marine Part Dept\r\nor email Please call if you have any questions

This is a Trailer Valet Jack it is used but in good condition. Does have a small amount of surface rust but will probable wipe right off. Retail on the part is $599.98 this is a BARGIN at $300.00. Please call Mark or Dave at Bent Marine 504-737-2722

This is 100% custom painted cowl cover. It fits Yamaha 250 hp and 3.3 liter outboards. Looks better than pictures. Please call Mark or Dave 504-734-2722 Or come and see at Bent Marine on Airline Hwy in Metairie