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Sorry no post lately. It has been kind of hectact since the storm but I have been indeed fishing and doing well. The trestle area for the last month or so has been ok. catching between 10-30 per trip. 1/2 lbs. Today although I found a honey hole. The Oak Harbor Canals were stock full of trout and reds. I was just messing around today when I found them. I have never seen anything like this back in these canals. The first 5 trout I caught were all over 20" between 2.5 and 3.5 lbs. It was amazing as I caught my limit of trout and half limit of reds in about an hour and a half. I am going back tommorrow to take pictures on my new digital camera to post. Hopefully it wasn't a fluke. I am shure it is not as the fish were pretty thick. The trick seemed to find a canal around 20' and through toward the bank and jig dudley's down the steep slopes. The shore was droping from 8 to 20 steeply. It was the best bite I have seen in the pontchartrain area this winter and was the healthyest fish I have came across since the storm. Look for the 3 bridges to turn on like a bat out of hell in the next 2-3 weeks. It should be amazing this year. The causeway should fire up in the next 6-7weeks. I cant wait hope too see you out there.

hey night slayer i hate to tell you this but no one needs a boat to catch trout when they are fishing under a light. It is like fishing in a bucket.

Absolutly crushed the trout on the train bridge today between 174 and 175. I got out there around noon because of school this morning and when I got to the bridge I saw that the tide was just starting to come in. By the time I could even realize what an increadible bite I was on, it was time to go because I had my limit. Had to spend the rest of the afternoon scouting the rest of the lake because if I would have stayed on the track I would have caught 100. I noticed a dark colored shrimp swim by the boat(1st time I seen that on the bridges) so I swithched to avacado and "held on." The trout were destroying it. I will post the pictures from this weekend on monday till then good fishin and I'll see yall out there.

Any reports from the Hwy11, Twin Spans, Lacombe Rigs or Causeway would be greatly apreciated.
The monsters I was catching back in the Canals have vanished and now I can't locate any big girls. Hopefully the weather is good this weekend so I can try and find them again.

Chas Champagne

Last week was a spoiler of a weekend for fishing in the Lake. The fish seemed to be suicidal and were practically jumping in the boat. I talk to some lake pontchartrain first timers who were putting limits together. Unfortunately that is not common in the Lake. The Lake usually needs to be fished with great patience and patience will award you with wall hanging speckle trout. The key is to keep casting and pay attention to how and where your bites are comming from.
Today was exactly one of those days. Started at day break on the train bridge where I have been crushing the suicidal trout and realized they were not jumping in the boat today. Finding clean water was some what of a problem today. But just because you found clean water that didn't mean anything as I started to relize fish were not coming back to bite for that second and third time as they have been, giving you one shot and one shot only. This action tells me that the front or some other force was causing the specks to be lethargic. Finally after hopping the bait all morning I decided to slow everything down such as the trolling motor and most importantly the lure presentation. I tried to keep the bait in the fishes strike zone as long as possible and this also increase the cance of the fish to catch lure and reduces his chance of missing it.
After many adjustments I finished off a limit of Specks 3 reds 2 flounder and a drum. Hopefully the trout will become more active soon but I doubt it. Looks like this front has them thrown off and it is only gonna get colder this weekend and the barametric pressure is going to get higher.

I'll post pictures on moday and may try the bass out tomorrow cause the trout wore me out today.

Sunday Report, 3/26

Slow start this morning on the bridges but as the day heated up so did the fishing. Mainly threw Magic Minnow and blue moon Dudley's today. Tuff start with early strong NorthEasterlies but eased up and the fishimg turned on.
Had my ole college roommate with me today as it was his first trip since the storm. He was relieved to see the fishing wasn't effected by the storm in a negative way. We fished hard but it payed off as we counted 48 Trout 3 Reds and 2 Flounder when we got back to the dock. I pounded 11 as he wanted one to mount but we couldn't land anything over three pounds, I told him will go get him one for sure around April's full moon.

What a great day on the Lake today 3/29. Had me and my friend Rudy, a film major at USM, on the boat today. All Rudy wanted to do was be the camera
man so it was up to me to catch the fish. We started off at day break on the south end of the trestles with the rest of the world.(I have never seen so many boats on the Tracks on a wensday and we were all in the same spot.) We were greated with a decent incoming tide with gin clear water. Unfortunately the bite was slow there this morning. After picking up about a 10 on the tracks we decided to dodge all the boats and putt on over to the Twin Span while the tide was still coming in. We picked up 10 or 15 trout and 6 flounder over there and then the tide quit completly. One of the flounder was a monster with a massive girth, it weighed 4.4lbs. So now that the tide had stopped it was time to find some moving water so it was off to the Rigolets in search of some big trout and that is what we found. The bite was not awesome but we did manage to catch 15-20 trout between 3 and 4lbs all quality fish. The east wind started to pick around 11:00 or 12:00 which started to force the tide to come back in and since my camera man was wanting to film some more of the larger trout I told him "Lets go try and get a real trophy on my favorite spot Hwy 11." We fished 11 for about 2 hours and the bite was pretty slow over there only catching 9 trout. The thing about those 9 trout was that they were horses and he got to film exactly what he wanted, a "wall hanging speck." The biggest weighing in at a whopping 7.2lbs with numerous 3 and 4 pounders to go with her.
All in all it was a wonderful day. Even though we didn't kill the fish in one certain area the bite was good enough in all the different locations we tried to put together a solid box. 47 Trout to go with 11 solid Flounder. It was a great day since we landed a wall hanging Trout and Flounder on the same day.

Here are some awesome pictures.

Fished a little then went to CCA Banquet in Harvey. Sam Barberra gave me the invite and asked me to bring the box full of monster trout Paul F. and I caught in the Lake that day. The biggest went 6.9 lbs weighed at the banquet. We had a great time and thanks a lot for the invite Sam I call ya' later.

Had a hangover from Sam's banquet so decided to go play around and catch some Spring time bass where I crushed big bass in the Eden Isles canals last year. We'll as we all know a lot has changed since last year. All my bass spots had Reds and big trout on them. Only to find the occasional bass. Some of the trout were pushing 4 lbs. The action is not fast but decent and fun. Just pick a point or shoreline don't let a house scare you the fish are moving around in there and will hit lures jigged off of shelves. Fish are all over even and I here they are still in Moonraker. Good spot to dodge weather or boat traffic in Lake. It might become my weekend spot. Very peaceful didn't have anybody cut me off and throw there trolling motor over right infront of me like I did today on the Trestle a 5 MILE did I say 5 MILE LONG bridge.

Anyway can't complain and good fishin' can't beat the convience of Lake Pont.

Went and picked up Mr. Phil by boat who lives down the street. He said he wanted to see this trout and red action in the canals, so we putted on over through the eden isle bridge and threw the trollin motor down and started working a shore line. First three cast bam bam and bam. 2 big trout and 1 red. Mr. Phil couldn't believe it as I said "I told you its amazing what the hurricane did". We fished the canals for about 2 hours rewarded with 10 nice trout and a red. He then said he wanted to fish the Lake so on the way out we picked up my neighbor Mr. Bill who lived across the canal who has been asking me to take him so he can catch one to put on the wall. After eating some lunch at his house we went out in the lake around noon. Saw that the tide was pouring in so we went straight to the twinspan where we caught plenty trout but the only problem was that they were mostly throw backs, I have never seen them this small as I have only thrown back maybe 20 in my whole life from the twin span. We did manage a MONSTER RED and 2 nice flounder to go in the box. After the good action they were ready to catch some monster trout. So off to my secret spot where the bites are few and the fish are HUGE. We started working the area throwing BIG DUDLEYS when Dudley himself called on my cell. We were talking fishing when WHAM! and all I saw was 2 and a half foot of silver come jumping out the water like a bass. "Dudley hold on" I said while signaling to Mr. Phil to get the net as I knew it was a monster trout. After a nice fight and a great net job we got the big girl. Dudley was laughing at the situation as I told him what happen when I calmed my nerves some. She was 2 inces longer than the 7.2 we caught on wensday but had just laid her eggs as you can tell the big difference in girth in the pics. She weighed in at 6.5 lbs. After that we caught 2 monster Croaker on Dudleys then called it a day. Finished with 32 Trout with many 3's and 4's, 2 reds one 25 pounder, 3 flounder and the 2 big Croaker. SUNDAY----much different story. Went out at day break and headed to a spot on Hwy 11 where I have been catching some nice ones had way too many boats on it. So I told Paul who was with me lets go scout some new areas. We headed out to the Lacombe Rigs in the fog and it was a miracle because we ran straight to him without the GPS. They had a bunch of boats out there those guys must have been as lucky as us to find them in the fog. We started catching plenty trout with the other boats doing the same but way too many through backs. Never seen it like this either as I have never had a throw back from the rigs prior to this. So we came back to 11 and suprisingly not a bite then 177 on tracks 2 bites but missed. I told Paul the hell with this lets go catch bass reds flounder and specks in the same spot. Eden Isles Canals. In Pauls report(sheauxtime) he kept the canals a secret but I am not. There is enough water back there for the whole city to fish it. We managed 2 bass 1 Red 3 Flounder and maybe 10 Trout. Tuff Tuff day but a pretty one.
The fish are in weird locations where they used to never be. You have to try some spots that are new to you. The bridges are a little off and I don't know why but the fishing is great you just have to search some other areas not just the bridge. It is amazing how many boats are out there and the captains are only putting 15-30 together. I had a million phone calls from friends who fished the trestle this weekend and did nothing. I told them if you only have 1 day a weekend to fish go to delicrox or something. The lake is way too tuff to expect to catch em' consistently when you only fish it twice a month. If it is convenience your looking for you can't beat it though.
Good fishin' I'll see yall out there.

Went out in the gail force winds today and did pretty good this afternoon. I didn't fish in my boat I just jumped in a friends boat who lives down the canal. The two guys Bobby and Bill made a small detour and scooped me up like a hitch hiker on the side of the road around 1:00pm. They said it has been a beautiful morning but the bite was a little slow on the fallin tide, so I told them lets waist a little time in the canals and we will head out for the rising tide. After catching a few in eden isles we decided to give it a shot even though the winds had picked up atleast 15 knots. Headed to the bridges and the tide just started to come in. We pulled up to the spot and I saw clean water, a good incoming tide and the most important thing not a boat in sight. I just started licking my chops I knew it was going to be on. We started catching them right off the back. It was a little tuff to feel the bite as the wind was blowing a good 20-25 by now. Some of these fish had some serious shoulders on them. We had to net quite a few I was impressed. Couldn't get that bite of a 6 or 7 pounder but we did manage more 3's and 4's than I have seen in one area in a while. Color not a factor. We would have had our 75 easy if the wind was quite as bad it waas just extremely tuff to feel them hit as I was late numerous times on the hook set. We started having some double and triple hook ups once the gang got the hang of it. I told them you must watch your line today you can't rely simpily of feel. If it jumps set, if it moves right or left set, and if it seems it is taking an instant longer to get to the bottom set the fish has it in his mouth and is just chillin'. We still managed 30-40 solid trout even though we were taking a few over the bow.
Doesn't look like mother nature is gona lets back out for a couple of days so I this is a good time to get back in good with the boss of the house. And you know who that is. Hopefully mine may want to do a little fishin tomorrow and stay in the canals.

Good fishin see yall out there maybe monday.

Sorry no post lately. I have been busy the last couple of days smokin um in the Lake.
Went yesterday with friend Cody Favre who doesn't get to fish with me much. When I pulled up to the first spot and saw clean water and perfect incoming tide I told him to hold on and keep the net by our feet. We caught our 50 so fast it was studip. We then threw oversized baits trying to get a horse and still managed to catch 30 more which were released. The best part about these fish was that you had to net everyone. We had atleast 25 fish over 20" (easy 3's) and a close to 10 topping 4 lbs. It was some of the biggest average I have seen in a while. I was very shocked that we didn't snag a 7 or 8 pounder as I just knew that bite would happen with that many 3's and 4's. Every time we would hook one I would say "Is that the one were looking for?" But the wall thanger never came. We brought the fish to his dad Otis Favre because he has been asking me for some.
Went out today and got stood up from my friend who was suppost to be at my house by 5:00am. He called and said he drank too much last night. Couldn't get the big girls going today as the howling east wind held the tide from falling like I hoped. On the way home I stopped at a small fish spot to and caught my limit before I could even blink. I would have played catch and release for a while but I was taking to many over the bow. I left my camera at home unfortionately because yesterday's fish would have made one unbelievable picture. Somebody is going to put one hell of a fish in the boat this week. You just have to be at the right place at the right time and you must be doing everything right to give yourself that opportunity.

See yall out there and good fishin'