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 141 Iris St Grand Isle, LA 70358

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12 months a year

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About Us

Laid Back Charter is owned and operated by Capt. Frank Dreher who is located in Grand Isle Louisiana. Capt. Frank is a long time fisherman on the Island and has a great knowledge of the area. Making fishing fun is the main goal of Laid Back Charter and making the experience of fishing a new one ever time someone gets on the boat.

So book a trip and lets have some fun on the water.

Fishing on and near the island has been slow at times, but fun can be had by all. Some limits of trout and red fish have been coming on warmer days.
I am looking forward to the new year, and having alot of fun with new and old customers. So book a trip soon and lets have some fun on the water.

PS: I am now booking mangrove trips for the summer. This trip can be a combo(trout redfish mangrove), or just mangrove.

Hunting season is coming to an end, so sportsmen must find something to do with their time. First; clean all of the guns, hunting clothes, boots, and any other equipment that may have been used. Two; tell the wife, or husband, hello and goodbye, because its time to start fishing.
Fishing has been slow on the coast, but steady. The winds and cold temps have kept most at port. Maybe in the near future the weather will give us a break and allow us to cast some lines and put a few fish in the box.
Went to Hackberry this weekend with some friends (Brandon & Doug Frey)and killed a few ducks and caught some fish. The blast and cast that we have done over the winter has been fair, but the winds kept us from most of the cast.
Give me a call or e-mail if you would like to book a trip for the '08 season.

Capt Frank
(Laid Back Charter)

Have a open day for sunday 1/27/08 if anyone is willing to brave the weather. Give me a call at 225-202-2584.

Capt. Frank

Grand Isle fishing has come into the spring and summer pattern. Lots of fish and lots of fun to be had by everyone.
My customer for sunday, got a phone call from his family in the tune of his mother had fallen down and broke her hip. May best wishes go out to her in a speedy recovery.
So on a lighter note that means that sunday is now open. If anyone is willing to dodge thunderstorms I have a nice boat and lots of bait. Give me a call at 225-202-2584.

Capt. Frank

New service.

Hey guys and gals, just want everyone to know that I have added a new service to my operation. "NIGHT FISHING" for trout in the Grand Isle area for the months of June, July and August. Its lots of fun and nice and cool for the hot months of the year.
I also have plenty of days, including weekends, still open for the summer. So book now and don't get left out.

Capt. Frank

I've been fishing in the Lake Borgne area for the past few weeks, and the fishing has been good. The Saturday before last I had my two sons on the boat and we were able to put about 30 trout and a few reds in the box. We had three trout over 3lbs and one over 4lds. My yougest caught the the biggest.
This past Saturday I had my oldest and youngest sons on the boat, and we managed to boat about 30 more trout. It was a little slower bite, but the action was still fun. Two great days on the water with the boys.(Logan, Victor, and Eryc)
All fish caught came on live shrimp and pogies, using a carolina rig. The fishing in both lakes are on fire.

The Grand Isle area is moving into the fall pattern. Redfish are showing up in the marshes north of the island in great numbers and trout have started to stack up in the bays around the rigs and behind the islands. Weather plays a very large part in what type of fish you can fish for, becasue the winds may blow you out of the open bays and into the marsh. On calm days the trout are there and in good numbers. So make a trip and have some fun on Borgne/Pontchatrain or Grand Isle.

Thanks Capt. Frank

Fished Grand Isle all weekend with customers and had a great time.

Friday and Sat I had Chris Walker and his crew from Walker and Pennsylvania. Both days total: approx. 100 trout and 10 redfish. Most of the trout came from the rigs in the open water and redfish coming from the marsh north of the Island.
Sunday I had Kyle, John, and Kyles wife on the boat. Stayed in the marsh all day and put a nice box of specs and white trout together along with a few nice redfish. Weather was great all three days.
Lots of offshore fishing went on the this weekend and the catch was outstanding. Lots of red snapper and mangrove snapper. Saw a few lemonfish and amberjack as well. NO oil and plenty of fish. Come down and enjoy the island before it gets to cold.
P.S. I caught the biggest flounder I have every caught in my life. 5.06lbs.

Thanks Capt. Frank

Long time since my last post.

Just rapped up hunting season, did pretty good with the ducks, but did a lot better with the deer and hogs.
Hunting is over and I'm getting out of one saddle and back into another. Fishing is not for off for the Grand Isle area. Maybe a month or two and we will be in full swing for the fishing season. Plenty of reds coming off the road (Hwy 1) between Leeville and Grand Isle. Wait until the water starts to fall and fish near the bridges in deeper water. Live bait works best.

Thanks Capt. Frank


Fished Sat and Sun with customers and everyhting turned out great.
Saturday started off with fog and calm water. Made one stop to the north and we put 53 trout in the boat and on redfish. First time I've every had non-english speaking people on the boat so I want try and spell there names, but after a few hand signals they got the hang of it and did a fine job the rest of the day. (They were form Japan)
Sunday started great, I had english speaking folks on the boat, no fog and little more wind. Evan Benson and crew said they could only fish till 11:00 so the pressure was on. We stopped at 11:00and we had 47 trout. Short day but a good result.
If the weather stays this way till spring the fishing this spring and summer should be off the charts.
No pictures, left camera at the house.

Thanks Capt. Frank

Long time with no report. Been doing a lot of fishing on the bridges on Lake Pontchartrain, but the time has come to get back to Grand Isle. The spring season is getting off to a good start, and the summer fishing is not far behind.
Trout and redfish have been coming form behind the Island in open water when the weather allows us to fish. The marsh area north of the Grand Isle is still producing good numbers on trout and redfish.
I have openings all month long if anyone would like to go fishing while its still cool. Fishing is getting better by the day so come join me for some fun on the water.

Thanks Capt. Frank