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snorkeling lake Maurepas

Wondering if anyone has ever snorkeled lake maurepas for catfish. Any info is appreciated. Need to know if the middle of the lake is desirable over the trees on the bank. Also, is there a certain time of year that is better to try it? Will be using small spearguns and pole spears. Thanks again. Not looking for any secret spots or honeyholes.
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When I went with these guys, we stayed in the stumps near shore.
I dive with the guys that was just mentioned. You need to make sure the winds aren't too strong. No matter the wind, there is usually one part of the lake that is clear enough to dive. We've shot fish with 2-3' vis before. You want to focus on stumps in 6-8 feet of water along the shoreline. Its ideal if the water is cool. We usually dive at least 100 feet from the bank. Look for stumps with holes underneath them. Also look for logs with pockets underneath them or holes in them.

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