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Springfield XDS 9mm pistol, **CHRISTMAS LAYAWAY**




- New in the box Springfield XDS 9mm

- Everything new in the box

- I have two in stock

If you have any questions call or text Chris 337-315-1400

***I sell on Gunbroker as HalfCockedArms. I have 100% positive feedback. I take selling firearms seriously, and I stand by my work.***

*** I have a Type 7 FFL, which means I can legally manufacture firearms for resale. I also have a CLASS 3 LICENSE that allows me to sale and transfer suppressor and SBR?s. I've been building rifles for re-sale since April of 2016. I?ve been building for 10 years for personal use and friends. I guarantee the rifles. If there is an issue, I'll fix it. The only rifles I've ever had issues with are the AR-10's because they don't all share a common platform. For that reason moving forward I will only build the AR-10's with matching uppers and lowers, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY requested. I do have references.***

***I do accept trades. I'm a dealer, and this is a business for me. I'm fair, but I'm not going to trade for retail prices. You will get about the same deal from me as you would from a gun shop. Every item I list is the cash price, and includes tax.***

***If you want to purchase a firearm from me you have to come to my office and fill out a form 4473 and have a background check. If you are out of town, I can ship it to your local FFL at your cost. I take cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards (extra 3%). Located in Sunset area. I also do firearm transfers for $25.***

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