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Predator series suppressors in stock. These are NFA items, and all laws apply to use, and transfer.

The new D9 suppressor is in. This thing is extremely impressive. I shot it on a Glock 17, functioned flawlessly. It was designed specifically for the Zenith MP5 pistol, and I just picked up a B&T GHM9 that is the same set up as the MP5. I'll have video of that this week. It's also rated for the 300BLK round. I'm working on getting the correct three lug mount for the Sig Rattler that I have, and I will have video of that as well. Guys these are suppressors are legit. Something new, and only a few of em are floating around. I'm taking pre-orders now. The only other people that will have these in their hands for now are law enforcement, and military. Call me about the D9. It is the suppressor in the photo on the black B&T pistol. The other firearm in FDE is an AERO SBR chmabered in 223 Wylde, with a Defender suppressor.

These suppressors use new technology that improves the shooters accuracy by improving muzzle jump, allowing the shooter to stay on target and continuously release rounds down range. I have personally shot each one of the different calibers, and they are impressive. You can see my videos on Facebook where I repeatedly repeat how impressive they are. Lol

The truth is that you really can't understand it until you shoot a 30 caliber rifle with one of these attached, and understand what's really happening. They are quiet, very quiet, but the muzzle jump is what is so significant to me. The 30 caliber suppressor will cover all 30 and 20 caliber rounds, but Acadian Armament does offer caliber specific suppressors for 6.5CR and 6mm. I was the first to say, 'it's just not going to make that big of a difference', but I'm going to tell you that its huge. If your a precision shooter, and you shoot suppressed, these are a must. There is a video on the Facebook page shooting the 6.5CR, what I didn't post was shooting the regular 30 caliber on the 6.5CR rifle. The difference was significant. The muzzle jump, and noise, it was considerable.

The fact that these suppressors can be disassembled and cleaned regularly is also another huge plus. It's simple to do, and easily done.

I have done some demonstrations with these suppressors, and I will do demonstrations upon request. If you have questions, call me, or post on the Facebook page. There are several guys on there that have shot with me and they can attest to the value of these silencers.

If your a shooter, and your not shooting supressed, why?

Chris 337-315-1400

- Predator Silencer Authorized Dealer

Amazing new suppressor technologies

Preserves or improves weapon accuracy

Small - Light - Quiet

Easily disassembles for cleaning

- Suppressor Demonstrations

By appointment only

- Premium rifle, SBR and AR pistol builds

Custom builds by appointment only

All work guaranteed.

- Custom Cerakote

- Cash, Credit Cards*, Money Orders

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