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Duck Rolls

When my wife and I attended Nicholls one of our favorite places to eat was the China Gardens in Thibodaux. I enjoyed eating there the most because I could finish off my meal with some of those pineapple delights.

Well after to moving to Baton Rouge and eating at every Chinese restaraunt in town, I've yet to find a single restaraunt that serves those. So when I accidentally stumbled upon some won tons in the grocery store, I began fixing my own.

Well this week I was looking at the won tons and some ducks in the refrigerator and thought I'd try something different. This is what I did:

1. Boil the legs and wings of 3 Teal until the meat can be easily pulled off the bones.
2. Meanwhile slice the breast meat into small pieces.
3. Add all of the meat into a nonstick skillet and brown thoroughly
4. Spread a tablespoon of philadelphia cream cheese in the center of the won ton
5. Add some duck pieces along the entire length of the cream cheese
6. Place some slices of jalepeno and bell pepper on both sides of the duck and a few pieces of onion on top of the duck
7. Roll the won ton like you would roll an egg roll and fry until golen brown.

It was very good especially when dipped in the Spicy Duck Sauce (orange sweet and sour sauce, made by La Choy, I believe).

Its almost the same recipe as most use when they wrap them in bacon and place them on a grill. But this way you can prepare a dozen or more "duck rolls" and place them in the freezer. Then after a long days work you can eat some good duck rolls in only a few minutes.

Give it a try, I think you'll like it.