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LDWF Taking Online Comments

Found this on the LDWF website. With all the debate going on I thought it appropriate to post this here.


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is providing an Internet option for those wishing to comment on the proposed 2006-07 Hunting Season Rules and Regulations.

Details on the seasonal rules and regulations will be discussed in a series of nine statewide public meetings beginning March 13 and running through March 30. Additionally, the public can provide comment to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission at their April 6 monthly meeting in Baton Rouge. The department is soliciting public comment in advance of the May 4 commission meeting when final approval will be given. Any changes to the proposed rules and regulations for 2006-07 will also apply to the 2007-08 hunting season.

For hunters unable to attend any of the public hearings, comments can be made through the LDWF's Web site at To view the full document containing the proposed dates, seasonal rules and regulations, click on "WHAT's NEW" on the LDWF home page. An on-line comment form is provided, as well as the full schedule of the public meetings.

LDWF's Wildlife Division is specifically interested in the opinions of resident hunting license holders, resident hunters (ages 60 and older, license exempt) and resident hunters (ages 15 and younger, license exempt).

The department and commission will review comments from hunters in advance of the May 4 meeting.

For more information, contact Jimmy Anthony at 225-765-2347 or

comment form
Has anybody used this to make a comment. I have tried, and keep getting an error.

To Drifting Wood
You can on make one comment at time.

Season or requlation
Hello Drift - Glad you are still here
I found you can only select one item at a time. I think you QDM folks have been ban from entering comments. I had to enter my comments using four different forms for whatever thats worth. Hope all is well and I am still waiting on the receipts for making the old deer cook like a young one. I did submit suggestions and may be the first tag be for 1 horn or better and the second for 2 horn or better and the third for 3 horn or better and had to be used in order so if one killed a 8 point the first deer, he would be shooting 3 point or better for the second and so forth. I still don't understand the principles of QDM as they keep talking of letting them grow and the big boys is what they want for the good of the herd but this is what they are shooting. If you want big old boy for the bull of the herd, WHY ARE YOU SHOOTING THEM??
Keep getting error
I keep getting a error when I try to submit. Anyone else having the same problem? here is the error I get VB Error: No value given for one or more required parameters.
I tried to check all of the boxes and tried checking none of the boxes.
I tried selecting only one box, but it still won't work. Guess I will have to attend the meeting if I'm around.

JT, The recipe is simple, crock pot for about six hours or so. None of the 8 hunters in our group could tell the difference. Not even me, as both roasts all fell apart anyway. But, I will give you this, I didn't have a roast off of a fifty pounder, as nobody in our group ever shot a deer that small. maybe you could donate one to me so you could prove me wrong. You might change my mind about those little suckers, and all it would take is one roast. How bout it?
got it working
Keep the comments short and to the point, and you can not use apostrophe's, "quotations" or any other marks.[{]}=+;:*&^%$#@

Hope this helps
On line Comments
I had tried to submit last week, but got that "error" message,too. I told LDWF about the error, and they replied that they had received no other complaints. I have advised them what some of you guys said, and requested they clarify the blasted site, and also advise on that LDWF/ID #.

If they can't do an easily understandable website, Lord only knows how "clear" the info is on the need for the proposed changes. I thought they just may be "screening" all messages opposed to the changes as they are proposed,so they can come up with the desired set of "Statistics". Ha???
The herd bull
Hey JT, if you think wanting to grow all herd bulls, and killing them, is irony, in the same December issue of La. Sportsman magazine, the WLF was espousing letting deer age..then a few pages over, one of their biologist was talking about the heigthened risk of the older deer spreading CWD,and that it was not wise to try to produce more wallhangers...even went so far as to say that "We want to keep a low age (meaning young)structure in deer herds."

They admit that "it's ironic, but that's the bottom line".

We don't have any known CWD at present, but the older the deer, the greater the risk of getting it. Now, that's irony. (Now I have already said I don't shoot nubbin's or even spikes, so find something else to "flak" me about.)
Posting comments
To post your comment on LWDF's sight DO NOT use any puncation. I had to take all (.,? " '")out of my message. When I did it went right in.
I completed the online comments form this morning and had no problem with it. Even used punctuation.