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Public meetings

With the first public meeting on the proposed changes to the deer season to be held in Alexandria this p.m.,it would be good to know what kind of turn-out the meeting draws. I have talked to several deer hunters around the State, and none,outside this forum, had heard of the meetings. I'm afraid it will be like those a couple years ago,when sufficient notice was not given, and most of the people at the meeting I attended were Wildlife Dept. personnel. Really! To get public input, you have to have the public involved.

Would anyone attending the Alex meeting let us know about the turn-out?
The meetings have been on the WLF web site since February 14, 2006. I'm sure they have been in the papers around the state for a while also. They have been listed on several other deer forums for a while. The word has been out for awhile.
Public Involvement
The public will be as involved in the hearings to the extent they (we) usually are. If you believe LWF statistics most deer hunters don't really have a 'dog in the hunt' and probably couldn't care less. The vocal minority from both sides will have their opinions heard and the Commission will, in the end, do what it intended to do from the beginning based on money, greed and jealously. Regardless of testimony.

Thats just the way it is people - live with it.
Lake Charles meeting
The Lake Charles paper had a nice write-up about the meetings last week. I hope they do a follow up story again to remind the local people of the meeting on Thur.
Sledge, you see some hunters can read. These meetings are scheduled every year at this time and the monthly meetigs are open to public comment.

Oh yea, the public can also comment on the WLF website.
Meetings !!!!!
Unless its on the network news, many hunters will not know & still don't. Most are not on these sites & don't read the paper. They'll wake up after its all over & done.

And yes, their mind is already made up.
LDWF Public Meetings
LDWF sends Press Releases to very newspaper in the state, of course there is NO way of knowing if these papers will run these Press Releases or not. As a member of the LDWF Commission, I listen to your comments and concerns, I don't act on Greed and I LISTEN, I can NOT do what everyone wants or thinks, I have to listen to it all and make the best decesion I can for the Hunters and Resources. Belive me, there are lots of people who LOVE to Complain after the Public Comment is thru but these same people NEVER attend a Public Meeting to express their comments and never contact the Commission, sorry, I don't have much use for those that complain but will not get involved to fix the problems. As a member of the Commission, I tried to read the LA Sportsman Website every couple of days but many times I can not get to it for several days, you can ALWAYS email your thoughts and comments to me at I will try to respond to your email within 48 hours of receving it.
Well, I hope someone who reads these forums went to the Alexandria meeting and let's us know what the turn-out WAS.
Most press releases that are sent to the area papers that I've experienced, have been in the Sports section, sandwiched between stats,etc., and one would have to know the press release was there somewhere, and hunt for it.
Surprisingly to some, very few people are concerned about hunting at this time of year,as they are focused on other things like making a living,kids,etc. I don't know how many people check the few hunting site forums,but suspect it is a very small number of the same old heads, and even a smaller number take the time to scroll past the 7 or 8 latest posts. Have no idea how many go into the WL&F website,but would not imagine it to be a great number. After the Ruston meeting to which I referred, I checked with 3 Sporting Goods stores in the Monroe area, and the guys working the gun counters had not heard of the meetings. These guys are supposed to be like barbers, and know some stuff!

I agree with Henry that one must be invoved in order to earn the right to complain if things don't go the way he/she would like. Sort of like not voting and then complaining about who got elected. To those that bash Henry,how many other people on the Commission,or in the WL&F have the guts, or enough interest to post on this forum? I've always found he listens to reasoned debate,whether he can do anything about it or not. Remember, his is just one of several Commissioners.

Now, if these meeting were held in early October for changes to the next year,that may be a different matter.