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Atract um and wack um

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Absolutly crushed the trout on the train bridge today between 174 and 175. I got out there around noon because of school this morning and when I got to the bridge I saw that the tide was just starting to come in. By the time I could even realize what an increadible bite I was on, it was time to go because I had my limit. Had to spend the rest of the afternoon scouting the rest of the lake because if I would have stayed on the track I would have caught 100. I noticed a dark colored shrimp swim by the boat(1st time I seen that on the bridges) so I swithched to avacado and "held on." The trout were destroying it. I will post the pictures from this weekend on monday till then good fishin and I'll see yall out there.

Any reports from the Hwy11, Twin Spans, Lacombe Rigs or Causeway would be greatly apreciated.
The monsters I was catching back in the Canals have vanished and now I can't locate any big girls. Hopefully the weather is good this weekend so I can try and find them again.