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Lake Pont.

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Chas Champagne

Last week was a spoiler of a weekend for fishing in the Lake. The fish seemed to be suicidal and were practically jumping in the boat. I talk to some lake pontchartrain first timers who were putting limits together. Unfortunately that is not common in the Lake. The Lake usually needs to be fished with great patience and patience will award you with wall hanging speckle trout. The key is to keep casting and pay attention to how and where your bites are comming from.
Today was exactly one of those days. Started at day break on the train bridge where I have been crushing the suicidal trout and realized they were not jumping in the boat today. Finding clean water was some what of a problem today. But just because you found clean water that didn't mean anything as I started to relize fish were not coming back to bite for that second and third time as they have been, giving you one shot and one shot only. This action tells me that the front or some other force was causing the specks to be lethargic. Finally after hopping the bait all morning I decided to slow everything down such as the trolling motor and most importantly the lure presentation. I tried to keep the bait in the fishes strike zone as long as possible and this also increase the cance of the fish to catch lure and reduces his chance of missing it.
After many adjustments I finished off a limit of Specks 3 reds 2 flounder and a drum. Hopefully the trout will become more active soon but I doubt it. Looks like this front has them thrown off and it is only gonna get colder this weekend and the barametric pressure is going to get higher.

I'll post pictures on moday and may try the bass out tomorrow cause the trout wore me out today.