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Chas Champagne Lake Report.

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What a great day on the Lake today 3/29. Had me and my friend Rudy, a film major at USM, on the boat today. All Rudy wanted to do was be the camera
man so it was up to me to catch the fish. We started off at day break on the south end of the trestles with the rest of the world.(I have never seen so many boats on the Tracks on a wensday and we were all in the same spot.) We were greated with a decent incoming tide with gin clear water. Unfortunately the bite was slow there this morning. After picking up about a 10 on the tracks we decided to dodge all the boats and putt on over to the Twin Span while the tide was still coming in. We picked up 10 or 15 trout and 6 flounder over there and then the tide quit completly. One of the flounder was a monster with a massive girth, it weighed 4.4lbs. So now that the tide had stopped it was time to find some moving water so it was off to the Rigolets in search of some big trout and that is what we found. The bite was not awesome but we did manage to catch 15-20 trout between 3 and 4lbs all quality fish. The east wind started to pick around 11:00 or 12:00 which started to force the tide to come back in and since my camera man was wanting to film some more of the larger trout I told him "Lets go try and get a real trophy on my favorite spot Hwy 11." We fished 11 for about 2 hours and the bite was pretty slow over there only catching 9 trout. The thing about those 9 trout was that they were horses and he got to film exactly what he wanted, a "wall hanging speck." The biggest weighing in at a whopping 7.2lbs with numerous 3 and 4 pounders to go with her.
All in all it was a wonderful day. Even though we didn't kill the fish in one certain area the bite was good enough in all the different locations we tried to put together a solid box. 47 Trout to go with 11 solid Flounder. It was a great day since we landed a wall hanging Trout and Flounder on the same day.

Here are some awesome pictures.

Nice fish
What kinda of bait did you use to catch your fish?