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Had to wait out windy storm with lightning stretching from eastern Chandeleur Islands to Baptiste Collette Sunday morning. Watching on radar my father (Big Boy) and I sat just on the edge of the storm inside Baptiste Collette missing most of the falling tide at Gosier but stayed dry and safe. Picked up three Trout before tide quit, passed the time at the island catching a few Redfish to big to keep which were in Mullet near the Island on the Gulf Side. Around 3:30 the incoming tide was moving well, it was flat calm with almost no wind and the Trout responded well on tandem, clear/ chartreuse sparkle beetles.

Fished Tarpon off of South Pass Saturday with my cousin Mike Strohmeyer and his wife Ms.Gail tagging and releasing two Tarpon. Ms. Gail caught an estimated 160 lb., I caught an estimated 140 lb., and Mike had a Tarpon pull the circle hook twenty feet from the back of the boat. We had two other Tarpon on for a few jumps before throwing hooks, Tarpon were everywhere and cooperating with boats hooking plenty fish.

Going this week to explore reliable report of Trout near California Point caught on artificial after enjoying another great weekend Southern Louisiana style!
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Good Job.
Good job. Those Tarpon look like fun!
Great report guy's looked like a lot of fun I was headed out to Gosier Saturday but left late with the wife with me. Then made the mistake of stopping at the rocks where we hooked up with some bull's fun for a while but I didn't have the right tackle for them. What type of lures did yawl use for the tarpon I have bigger equipment but have never used any of it yet and would love to.
Great Picture
Great report and a really cool picture of that jumping tarpon. Thanks! Good luck at CA point.
Thank You!
Thank you Gary Fishaholic and GI-Islander. Gary I read where you had your sites set on Gosier but never made it but still you had a nice trip congratulations, I'm going to continue to fish Gosier and Breton Island until they're gone. As for Tarpon fishing it's my first love, I spent 20 years solid fishing them very hard and way too much to type but you may call me (504) 452-3523 for information. The Tarpon will stay until the first major cold front so there is still time and before they migrate is some of the best fishing.