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Remington 887Nitro Mag - Amorlokt

Has anyone had issues with the Remington 887 Nitromag w/ the Amorlokt coating? I wanted to see if anyone has heard of any problems with the gun. I know its reliability since its a knock off of the 870, but just wanted to see what experiences people have had with it.
Any comments would be helpful, b/c I was looking into buying one.
Just dropped mine off at UPS this morning to ship back to Remington for repairs. I bought it for my son last December and he squirrel hunted with it two times. He took it out for opening weekend of dove season and after firing his first shot, tried to move the slide back to eject the shell and it got stuck.

I eventually got it to cycle, but it is extremely hard to 'pump', not smooth like the 870's are. I hope that when it returns, its alot smoother.
get an 870. my buddy has a had a few problems with his
I don't know anything about the 887, but I've got an 870 that I wouldn't trade for anything. I've done just about everything to it but use it as a hammer (just haven't needed it for that) and it still works like a charm.

It's hanging up, but that's my fault for not cleaning it. On the to-do list before the squirrel season opens.

But the short of it is that the 870 is unbeatable.
I have been hunting with an 870 for 4 years now, and no problems. I heard they came out with a Rem. 870 super mag that shoots 31/2' and you can it in Camo. Haven't looked into it yet but that will be my next gun for sure. 870 definately the way to go.