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.243 Question


Just bought my son a .243 youth model rifle and wanted some advise on what grain bullet to use. Deer hunting, he'll be shooting 25-125 yards depending.

they make a 95 gr. copper bullet that does a great job
Last year
Last year i got my kids one and they are shooting 100grn Core locks-- worked great they killed 3 does and a pig nothing took a step!
Remington Core Lokt - 100 grain
I have been shooting a 243 for the past 15 years and the only bullet I will use is the Remington Core Lokt 100 grain. It's a really great bullet for this gun and most of the deer I've shot have dropped in their tracks! Most of my shots have been between 20 - 100 yards.
Core Lok
Definately 100gr core lok's....Bought my daughter her youth savage .243 and messed around with several rounds...shot deer and killed them all with all of the rounds I shot deer with. (Love the gun, its light to carry) From 75 up to 100...But I found the most devestating damage came from the core loks 100gr. My oldest daughter took a button buck at 263 yards with that round and the big bodied deer (shot for a doe) ran 30 yards tops...Here are the pics...
Thanks to all for the info, was thinking 100 grain, good luck to all this fall!!!!

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