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Chas Champagne

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Went out in the gail force winds today and did pretty good this afternoon. I didn't fish in my boat I just jumped in a friends boat who lives down the canal. The two guys Bobby and Bill made a small detour and scooped me up like a hitch hiker on the side of the road around 1:00pm. They said it has been a beautiful morning but the bite was a little slow on the fallin tide, so I told them lets waist a little time in the canals and we will head out for the rising tide. After catching a few in eden isles we decided to give it a shot even though the winds had picked up atleast 15 knots. Headed to the bridges and the tide just started to come in. We pulled up to the spot and I saw clean water, a good incoming tide and the most important thing not a boat in sight. I just started licking my chops I knew it was going to be on. We started catching them right off the back. It was a little tuff to feel the bite as the wind was blowing a good 20-25 by now. Some of these fish had some serious shoulders on them. We had to net quite a few I was impressed. Couldn't get that bite of a 6 or 7 pounder but we did manage more 3's and 4's than I have seen in one area in a while. Color not a factor. We would have had our 75 easy if the wind was quite as bad it waas just extremely tuff to feel them hit as I was late numerous times on the hook set. We started having some double and triple hook ups once the gang got the hang of it. I told them you must watch your line today you can't rely simpily of feel. If it jumps set, if it moves right or left set, and if it seems it is taking an instant longer to get to the bottom set the fish has it in his mouth and is just chillin'. We still managed 30-40 solid trout even though we were taking a few over the bow.
Doesn't look like mother nature is gona lets back out for a couple of days so I this is a good time to get back in good with the boss of the house. And you know who that is. Hopefully mine may want to do a little fishin tomorrow and stay in the canals.

Good fishin see yall out there maybe monday.
that a boy
like in the rocky movie with Mr. T. " i pitty the fool that hits them two young northshore guys' baits" i see you still aint scared to take em over the bow if they there... well that moon is coming and so is spring break so once again i pitty the trout on the bridges... holla at you later chas... seems like we both been fishin so much that we both need to check in with our boss' call u tomorrow be ready though cuz if it does calm down we need to go check on them fish i was on this morning .. I know we could hit a 6 or 7 lber there