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Should I Go

I have a boat as shown in the attachment (it is a 19 ft. Hurricane Model 192 by Godfrey with a 150 Opti-max). Do you think that this boat would be sufficient to get me to the close rigs at Grand Isle?
thats a very popular question but its always asked the wrong way (my opinion only). when fishing a certain area offshore, the question should be---can this boat get me back from out here (in marginal to bad conditions.) it may be slick when you go out but if a storm brews between you and land, and it will, it can get downright ugly to deadly. been there many times.
use good judgement
I would say yes. Been to the seven mile rigs in a bass boat before....but that was pretty stupid. I was 18 and dumb. Check the forecast and pick a day with 2-3s or less. But be aware of what POP said.... when the storms brew, they brew in a HURRY and make it very dangerous in a small boat.
I fish out of Grand Isle all the time, tha weather can turn on you in a short time. I have seen larger boats than that at the close in rigs and have a hard time getting in when a thunderstorm builds between them and the beach. The boat in the picture is a beach and bay boat at best. The bow is to low, the boat is to small. The smallest boat I would go out in is at least 21' with a good V bottom. Just my 2 cents.
Thanks to everyone for their responses!

What about the rigs out of Fouchon? I have received several emails saying "Maybe not Grand Isle, but definetly yes to the close rigs from Fouchon"! Any thoughts on that?
I wouldn't have a problem with what you are proposing, but then again I am crazy. Only go when it is calm enough for you to plane out on your way out. If the waves start to build then head for home.
little boat?
Shoot that ain't no little boat.I saw A guy on the s.w. corner of the lake pontchatrain fishing ON A WOOD PALLET!I swear me and my brother saw him from the i10 bridge and had to look twice.Wish I had a camera ,probably would have made jay leno.Coulda called it coon ass kayaking
Go for it
If your used to your boat and know how in rides in bad conditions I say go for it. I've done been 32 miles out of grand isle in a 16 foot boston whaler and it's a 72 model boat and I go out at least 5 times a year. Yes the weather can get bad and get bad quick it can so watch the weather man and the weather and if you just plan ahead you'll be alright. As long as you have a good motor, it's not fun when you break down out there so make sure you have a radio that catches the coast gaurd in case anything happens.
Can it make it back
I would think that you would need to study the weather very carefully. The key to going out is knowing when to head back in due to weather conditions.

I have seen a 14' jon boat with a 25hp motor out at 12 miles offshore in squally weather. When I noticed them at my platform, they were heading further offshore. Now that takes balls.


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