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super duck

went to baptiste colliet(venice) tue and wed morning,
tue we had a lot of pintails come in could have limited with just pintails.

however we only had a grey and a widgeion come in the decoys

so we ended up with 4 pintails,1 widgeion,1 grey

tue was much slower i teal, and 1 widgeion no pintails seen

rode around for a while scouting didnt see much did see one big flock of geese in the up a few widgeions here and there but not much.

tue morning we had to hunt on the bank because of low water i made two steps and went up to the top of my hip wader and walked right out of it. which caused me to fall over in the mud. if you have been there is nothing to do but laugh and deal with it.

nice new format, never had a alias before couldnt think of anything so i went with super duck and now that sounds really corny oh well i have six children i am secure in my man hood

stan thomas holden la
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