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Captain Dude!!! Hopedale / Delacroix Island Fishing Report!!!

Captain Dude!!! Hopedale / Delacroix Island Fishing Report!!!

It great to be Back in Louisiana Fishing and getting the Boat sheds, dock and Comfortable Private Deluxe Overnight Accommodations back up and running.

Special Thanks to Gene and Angela Dugas, George Ricks, Anthony Dudenhefer, Gene and Connie Dudenhefer, Diane Dudenhefer, Chad Dudenhefer, Nathan Thigpen, Nicky Monaze, Stacy Gerici, Burton Melairne, and everyone else that help make it HAPPEN IN just 2 weeks. I couldn’t have made it happen with out all of the Help!!!

Was able to fish with Cousin Captain Anthony Dudenhefer and my sister Diane Dudenhefer Volpe and I started down Dudenhefer’s Bayou going to fish The Marsh and Bayous for some Speckled Trout!!!
The weather was blowing 30 miles per hour. We stopped at several of my Hot spots we were using Anthony Dudenhefer’s HOOLA SKRITS Lures.

Wham!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! It was a Feeding Freenzee with catching trout two at a time I landed two at a time Three Times and my Sister two at a time one once.

While Cousin Captain Anthony Dudenhefer was even catching Hard Head Catfish on his HOOLA SKIRTS Lures!!! I always hard it was hard to catch catfish on lures; he managed to show us how to catch them ok (See the Pictures)!!! He was so busy throwing the trout in the live well he would not take the time for any pictures with trout but it took a little longer for the catfish off!!! And I managed to get a few great photos. He did take credit for putting us on the FISH!!! I could not call him a DECKHAND because I was on his Boat and He was a Licensed Captain. But he would make a good deck hand. But he did managed to position the boat where he had the best spot and did manage to slip in “my grave” spot where I just caught a fish, a few times. I even have a picture of that!!! I did figure it out when I took a picture of him on the front of the boat.

I knew my sister wore a Bikini for a reason she did managed to get all wet, I give all the credit to my Cousin Captain Anthony Dudenhefer who manage to pass just close enough to a large GAR FISH THAT WAS JUST CATCHING A TAN ON THE SURFACE when we got to close it made a BIG SPLASH that soaked my sister Diane real Good!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! Another Great Priceless Photo oppurnee!!! I did not know fishing could be SOO MUCH FUN!!!

Another Successful Day on the water for some tuff conditions!!!

This was my first trip on the Bayou since the Hurricane Katrina!!!

We caught

75 Speckled Trout

Cousin Captain Anthony Dudenhefer did manage to catch 2 Hard Head Catfish on His HOOLA SKIRTS Lures!!!

Tide = 1' Rising

Weather = Windy!!! Windy!!! Windy!!!

Winds = 30 Miles per hour

Waves = 2’

Water Temp = 70 Degrees

Water = 6” Visibly!!! Muddy

Check out the Great Pictures!!!

All you have to bring is a fishing license and what you want to eat and drink.
Two Comfortable Private Deluxe Overnight Accommodations.

We are currently fishing with Hoola Skirts Lures.

Take a trip and rip some lips!!!

“GET DA NET!!!” and Let’s Go Fishing!!! I have some openings left this month; so if you would like to get in on some Speckled Trout, Redfish, Black Drum and Southern Flounder ACTION!!!

Call Captain Dude!!! At:

Dudenhefer’s Fishing Charters Inc. & Camp Rentals

(504) 676-3724 & Cell: (504) 813-FISH

Web Site


Don’t let fishing with the Dude slip bayou!!!

I Guarantee Fish < and Fun!!!

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It looks like your house was the only one to survive in Hopedale. Did it have any significant damage?

Good luck in getting the business back up and running.
what your phone # chris
Capt. Mike Guidry here. Calif. wasn't as good as the BAYOU state. Those folks only eat to live "WE LIVE TO EAT"
Hope to see you on the water. 985-637-4292 any way I can help ya.
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