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La Sportsman field Reporters

I would like to invite all of the la sportsman field reporters to the after hours archery catfishing tourney in manshac we would love to see atleast one of you guys there. i think it would be a good addition to the tourney. just think about fellas. its at the manskac launch from 5 am to noon.hope to see one of you there.
bring em on
Thanks live bait I believe that you are correct. I would love to see them there. Good Luck to everyone.
Manshac Tourney
Sorry I didn't see your post until today as I have been down in Venice on an assignment.

Next time, give us a bit more notice and if one of the "guys" can't make it. I'll try and be there to cover it :)

Susan Gros
Louisiana Sportsman Field Reporter
Sorry I'm working
I'll be working this Saturday, but I want to see plenty of pictures----cause they don't LIE!!!! I hope you guys have a great time, it sounds like a blast. Mike you will have to represent for us----so don't let us down!