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This post is in response to a report by switzersfab from last week. He had killed a nice 8pt with his bow and mentioned bucks chasing does already. I thought 'what a rookie', man was I wrong. So I apologize to him for that.

That's what I get for thinking I know it all.

Thoughts and comments wanted.

I hunt in southwest Mississippi, on Saturday morning, I went into about a 40acre section of our woods that no one has been in since January, no foot traffic, no hanging stands, no feed, no cameras, no 4wheelers, NO NOTHING.

I got in early, set up my climber, and I didn't see a deer until 8:30, then it went nuts....

I heard deer snorting like they had winded me, except they were up wind of me. They were getting closer and finally a large doe and 2 fawns were under me, snorting WHILE eating acorns. I thought that was weird. They fed near me for about 15 minutes, then wandered off. All of a sudden they started crashing back towards me with 2 small bucks in tow.

The bucks were grunting non-stop, and loud. They were dogging that doe like she was hot and like it was Christmas. This went on around me for about 45 minutes. I have never seen chasing like this at my place, especially this early?? It was like I was in Illinois!!! They acted like they were in full rut.

She even stopped, squatted, and peed two times in front of them, while they were chasing them.

Now I know they were young, but it was just so intense??? I have also noticed plenty of bucks pushing each other around in food plots on my cameras.

Anything to these happenings, or just normal???

What do you think???

Oh yeah, and I shot a doe about 9:30.
were at in mississippi
were in southwest mississippi you hunting, i hunt in walthall county but never heard of deer acting like that this early.
I hunt in Amite Co., just outside of Liberty. South of hwy 48.
I hunt in gloster and never saw anything like that!!!