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Youth Duck hunt

I took my 12 yr. old daughter on Saturday to get her a few shots at some ducks and catch a few fish. I was very impressed with the amount of ducks that were down with the last front. Our property was full of Teal and Grey Ducks with a few of everything other duck that usually hangs out in the Delacroix marsh. The water was very low and the large concentrations of coots gave us a little too much competition for the ducks. She managed to take a drake Grey Duck after she got over the nerves of shooting her 20 gauge auto for the first time. While paddling back to the boat, she managed to kill 15 coots in 3 shots.(like I said, they were thick) She had a blast shooting from the pirogue and I think we will end every hunt this season with a good old fashion coot shoot with her in the front of the pirogue doing the shooting. We also managed to put enough fish in the boat to have a couple of meals. The regular season looks to be promising, my daughter and I can't wait!
congrats jade on ur kill and catch......glad to see yall have a great time! God bless yall

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