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Cant Wait//A few more days

Im ready for the weekend so i can hopefully fire off the first shot. If there is ever a time that all us grown men feel like a kid, its the 1st morning of duck season. Staying up late the night before thinking about what will arise the following morning. Waken up the 1st morning and acting like you cant get to the blind fast enough. Man i usally have most of my stuff packed the week before opening weekend because i feel so anxious.

In my opinion there is nothing like seeing the 1st flock or bird cupped with the wind wisling from the bids comming in to the decoys like a missle. That is just awesome.

Hunting, like most hunters is my way of unwinding from all the stressful things in life any enjoying the wild like god wanted us all to do.

Hunting is a way of life in Louisiana and hopefully my kids will be able to enjoy this way of life the way i have.

Good hunting to all and i hope you all have a great opening weekend. I will be looking forward to reading all the post and pictures.
Only A Few More Days
For me, opening day is like Christmas when I was a kid. I was out putting the finishing touches on my blinds this past weekend, and the anticipation is almost too much to bear. I already took off work Mon, Tues, and Wed next week, so we'll be shooting ducks for 5 days straight, I can't wait! We also saw plenty ducks this past weekend in Delacroix so it should be good.
i can't wait!
I am a 67-year man. I agree with the author. I LIVE for this time on the year. I wake up in the morning and immediately begin thinking about the season, going over my packed gear to insure nothing has been forgotten. I generally pack too much, but what the h@#$. It is better to overpack than to forget something. I hope I will never loose my love of duck hunting. Oil it up boys, shoot straight & be safe.

An ole fart.
My wife always tells me. Man you are like a kid at this time of the year. LIke i told her you only live once, so why not enjoy the things you love to do.

Through out the years ive got invold with diffrent activities which were really fun, but not as fun as duck hunting.
So well put Backwoods88
Couldn't have said it better myself. My crap has been packed since last week. I am trying to get by though....I am saving little chores to do until duck season. This week it has been recharging batteries and tweaking decoys. Little things to get me by.
Yep we are all addicts when it come to hunting. Doing what we can to get our fix.
Yeah the only thing better than duck hunting is getting ready to go duck hunting haha! Gonna be a good year this year
1st Opener
Well, this will be my first duck season opener. I have only been hunting ducks for the past 4 years but I have yet to make an opening morning hunt. I have been waiting all year for this weekend. Good luck to all.
One more day till it opens. I hope the opener has a good turn out. We havent killed many ducks in the last few years. Id say we would have about 6 or 7 good hunts out of the whole season. Dont get me wrong 6 or 7 is better than ZERO. I know duck hunting is a little slower across the board for louisiana but there is even alot of days where everyone else i talk to will do great in the marsh and we will kill 1 or 2 that morning. I guess there is so many things that come into play and it all comes down to being in the blind when all things are working in each others favor.

All i know is we have more feed this year in our marsh than weve had it the last few years so mabye that will help once the birds start to spread out our way.
sat. here i come!
well can't wait to smell that fresh gun powder from my shotgun at daylight sat. morning. Looks like it will be a great year....the birds are down...beautiful marsh....and feed to go with it....wish everyone the best of luck and god bless everyone out on that water.

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