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Hunting the wind

I am hunting tomorrow morning. Here's my dilema. The wind first thing in the morning will be from the SW and then swinging around to the NW by 8 am. I've got two stands in mind. One is a stand that faces due West with a feeder out in front of me and the second is a food plot that faces two directions one way to the North and the other view to the NE. Do you hunt the wind that is there @ the moment or what the wind will do? Help here is GREATLY appreciated as I am trying to pay more attention this year to how I hunt.
I would hunt the one facing the north, I think the wind will change a lil early in the morning but that's just me. Just get there a lil early and see what the wind is doing if your stands are in area, good luck!
Change stands
NEVER hunt a stand if the wind is wrong! If you are in a stand and the wind shifts to an undesirable direction, get down and move stands. Doesn't matter what time it is. You will NEVER beat a deer's nose.
Wow I wish the wind was so predictable where I hunt. On second thought it is very predictable. The wind where I hunt NEVER blows the same direction for very long. So I guess it is predictably unpredictable.

I use a product called No Scents At All and if you are diligent with it it works. Slack a bit and you get busted. But as always always try to hunt with wind direction in mind.

Most of my deer stands are in the woods and the deer can come from any direction. So I screw up a stand location and hunt it correctly ever time I hunt because the deer come from different directions and the wind is alway changing.

A perfect example is the seven point I arrowed Tuesday morning was headed west. While sitting in the stand waiting after the shot I saw two does that where headed East.

Wind was blowing due west while hunting but shortly after I got down the wind kicked up and you guessed it it was blowing 180 degrees different direction.
check again
Peter, according to Wind Forecast the wind is supposed to be almost due north tomorrow morning all across south La and Ms and switching to SE by afternoon. This is just about the opposite of what you stated. Double check your sources and see what is correct. Personally I'd hunt the favorable wind during the time you'd most likely see deer ie early and late. I've got the same issue tomorrow. I don't think the wind will switch during either the morning or afternoon hunt. Its supposed to switch during the mid day. Its a very light wind also. Good luck.
Weather Channel app for iPhone
I was looking @ the weather channel's app on my iPhone. I noticed there was a difference when I got into the stand. Never trust a weather forecast. LOL. I got there it seemed like right after the rain ended. I hunted a cutover that is new this year. Did not see a thing. On to Oklahoma next week. Hopefully we'll be productive up there. Taking my 9 year old to some family property.
Thanks for the input. I will keep that in mind. I was always apprehensive about changing stands in the middle of the hunt.
After the fact, but....
I think you should hunt the wind that is blowing when you get there. One thing I've learned about the weather is that it does what it wants when it wants to, and weather people are just guessing at it.

If you plan to hunt the wind that is suppose to change and it ends up not changing when you think, you may have just wasted your time.