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NO BLOOD ?????

We had a bad experience last Sunday Nov 14th. My 12yr old daughter Janie, put what we thought was a PERFECT shot on a big 6pt that we had been watching on trail cameras all year. He came out in the open field about 5 pm on Sunday evening. I had the video camera rolling, she was relaxed and squeezed the trigger.

The buck that we named 'Wart', as he was full of black spongy growths, took off after the shot.

We watched the shot on the film and saw that he was hit right behind the shoulder(we thought), so we got down and started looking for signs of a hit, and after an entire hour of scouring the ground(open field) we had no deer, no blood, no nothing. I went back and checked and re-checked. I spent the next hour making circles looking for the buck, for about two hundred yards, in the relatively open woods with no sign of him.

I figured that IF he was hit where I thought, he would/could be no more than 100yds away.

I had two kids with me that had to be back at school in the morning, I second guessed myself and assumed my eyes were playing tricks on me, and that the video footage was not what it seemed to be. The lack of blood on the ground, discounted the footage as showing a 'Perfect hit'?

I contacted my cousin that lives next door to my property in Mississippi, he had no access to a dog, but he assured me that he would find him for me in the morning. I showed him the video footage and he too was confident on the deer being hit good.

Needless to say Squirt was angry and sad the whole ride home. Cousin called at noon and found no sign of the deer or a hit???

This Saturday, the 20th, I found the deer about 500yds away from where she shot, when I was on my way to another stand for the evening hunt, and this is the pictures of where he was hit????

With NO blood, I still don't think I could have found him even if I would have stayed and looked on Monday?

What gives, it still looks like a good shot to me???
1. Is that the entrance or exit wound.
2. Was there an exit wound or just the entrance wound.
3. What type of bullet was he shot with.

From the pictures it sure does look like there would have been some amount of blood to follow???
That is the entrance wound. I'm assuming that it's a little larger because the buzzards had found him, looks like they just started there. I don't think it was that big initially. But that is where the bullet went in.

She shoots a Custom Ruger Youth M77 with hand loaded 100gr Hornady BTSP. I think it has 41grs of IMR 4350 in the case.

I saw no exit wound.
Looks a little low (just below the heart) with not much inside that part of the body cavity. If it was a normal size entry wound from that size bullet (which is usally only about the diameter of the bullet itself or slightly larger), then that could explain the lack of blood. Still looks like a pretty good shot to me though, seems like there would be at least a small trail of blood. At least you found him and she got pictures with him!
A little low
I think it was a little too low also. It just amazes me how tough they are and the will to survive that they have!!!
low hit it low
low caliber bullet, off the mark