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Heading to Cat Island tomorrow, and I'm conflicted: Should I get there very early or sleep in and set up later l? The moon is almost full, and it rises about midnight and doesn't set until about noon tomorrow.

I'm tempted to hit the woods about 7 or 8 and hunt all day, with the theory being the deer will be moving all night. What do y'all think?
your right!
Andy, I spoke with a few guys from my hunting camp that hunted this evening and they said there was a lot of deer movement starting around 4 this afternoon. I understand thats about the time the rain ended but for our camp's standards its a GREAT evening when everyone sees dear.
I'm not sure if that means anything for where you're going but our camp is located near Bayou Sorrel.
This weather should have them moving all day. I hope you bust a big one. Good luck and safe hunting.

P.S. Im very jealous!!! I have to study for the next 2 weeks and won't be able to get to the woods until Dec. 9th!
Its almost 2am, and there is a whole herd of deer in the yard up feeding on my corn right now...

Im sipping coffee, enjoying the view, and explaining to them how lucky they are to have me...

I would think they will be on the hoof in the morning.
Deer tend to move at dawn and dusk.... especially dusk. I am NEVER confident enough in moon effects to throw away a first or last light hunt. Just me.

Now I agree the deer have been slow the last week from what I have heard as I haven't done much hunting after I shot my bow buck at the tail end of deer season. But with the cold weather moving in for the first time I wouldn't want to miss a second. Change in weather often means a change in deer movement.

By the time you figure out what the deer are doing and when... by that time their patterns are guaranteed to be ready to change.