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Skeeter ZX22 Bay Boat

I was thinking of buying a skeeter zx22 bay boat. The thing i like the most is the layout. I appreciate any feedback from anyone that has experience with this model. It seems to be of good quality???

Wet or dry ride???

I'll be fishing big lake and sabine lake but not offshore. I plan to buy very soon so appreciate the help!

I know its 2 feet longer however the layout is similar so I give you my feedback. Its a dry ride, only time I got wet was on Lake Pontchartrain in 25 mph winds... I like the storage, bait wells and the quality. I chase redfish in 12 inches of water. I have fished Big Lake including Turners Bay. No regrets on my purchase
I had the 24 ft model as well, the only problem I has was all the hard ware sucked. Ie; door latches / gaskets ect. Many other models used a better design than Skeeter, within 3 months most of the latches on the boat did not work. Nautic Star has a much better design and quality in my opinion.
I have the zx 22 bay with a 200hp yamaha on it. It is a very fast boat, 57 with me, tournament loaded 53mph. It is a wet ride! The V series has a drier ride. I do like the fact that it drafts 11' of water and it fishes very well due to the layout of the deck. I would recommend this boat to you but I would say get the 250!
I have 1999 zx22 tunnel hull with a Yamaha 200 and if they are still built close to that standard you will get a great boat. I keep mine clean and get complements on it almost every time I take it out. Spend the extra and go 22 ft. It's very dry,runs stable, floats shallow and high decks make for great fishing. You can't get a boat that does it all but I can take 8 people water skiing, fish 4 people, cross open bays to get to some short rigs or islands and still fish ponds for reds.
Good luck.
the 22bay is one of the best boats ever i would not own anything else.great buy
I've got a like new '07 24ft with a 300HPDI on it I'll turn loose if intersted. Only has 110 hours on the rig and it's been very well kept. You can get a like new rig for much less and tax free. Email me if interested.
The Nautic Star 22 foot is a better value and laid out better in my opinion. You can get a loaded tournament edition for less than that Skeeter. As noted previously the hardware is superior as well.

No insult intended to you Skeeter fans, they are good boats too, but for the money I think the Star is a better deal, and I researched boats for over one year all over the South before I bought mine.