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Manchac WMA

I understand that i need to put work and time into scouting and i have no problem with that but im not even sure I can get out there...
Can you hunt some spots in Manchac WMA with a 25 hp Mercurcy outboard or do you HAVE to have a mud motor?
Also I hear everyone talk about the the other holes through the wma hold ducks as well

Any help would be appreciated.

It be almost impossible unless you leave it in the canal and paddle a ways in a pirogue...pretty much need a go devil to hunt that area
You, can go hunting with an outboard but as previously stated you do need a pirouge. I did that thursday and it was about a 20 min paddle from the front of the canal
any ducks
have yall been seein many ducks?...what about parkin the boat and walkin to a pond
Had some of the best hunt
I had some of my best hunts in Manchac. I quit hunting in about 7 years ago. I used to be one of the few people with a go devil and could go with little competition. Now that everyone has one I got tired of everyone hunting on top of me. The area is small in my opinion I would not want more than 6-8 blinds so the birds could rest. My last hunt was on a Christmas morning when I got there to the prairie there were 6 other boats so I left.

I would suggestion Pointe Aux Chen to you. It is a bigger area that you can get around with an outboard then use a push pole.

To answer your question if you could walk. I have seen one guy who would park his go devil and walk and hunt but it was a short distance. I WOULD NEVER DO IT. You would have to walk to far.

Good luck
Go Devil...Schmo Schmevil
with all the doubts it was risky but i managed to get my outboard and boat all the way down the canal and around the prairie....only killed two scaup....heard a few others seemed like there is mostly scaup out there....stayed until 2 and only saw two groups of a few big have yall been doin out there...any news or tips would be greatly appreciated...not looking for any secret spots jus talkin

scout biloxi wma
Man, you can get to a lot of places with 25 hp on biloxi wma. Go scout it before the second split. There are plenty birds out there and over 50,000 acres to hunt so you don't have to worry about anyone being on top of you. The closest anyone has been to me out there is a mile, lol.