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Game Cameras

Which Cam is the best for the money spent . which cam eats up batteries quickly. which cam is easiest for a non technical old retired Trooper to operate . I am not atempting to start arguements just trying to get some answers before buying a cam . also any gadgets i need to buy with it ??
From my experience with
I've had a few game cams from the high to low price range and the one I've found that is simple to use and performs well for 99 dollars is the moultrie game spy 50 . its solid black and is sold at bass pro shops and i believe academy has them as well. 99 bucks is what it should be listed for.
Trail Cams
I have two of the small Bushnell trail cams that use 8 AA batteries. I have had excellent pictures and still going strong after six months with original batteries. I use the lithium extended use batteries.
I have the stealth(spell check) cam. It seems pretty simple the only thing you have to adjust is the sensitivity (far or near), the number of pictures per exposure, and rest in between pics. I set mine on medium sensitivity with one pic per exposure resting for 2 mins in betwwen pics and my battery has lasted weeks and is still on full. I think it was the $140 camera.
you'll hear all sorts of opinions
What was once thought to be 'THE' best now falls into the 'worst' catagory....... product opinons vary a lot... LOL.

Personally I have 3 Cuddlebacks, the 4.0 Capture IR model. I put them up in Mid Sept, inside the metal lockable security boxes , cameras loaded up with new Duracell batteries. They have been on the one pic per minute setting, until mid Nov when I switched them to a pic each 30 seconds.I just had to change out batteries this past weekend. They take nice pictures, with decent range.

I read that the Cuddies were top choice cameras on here,,, only to then read later on here ,, that they are junk..... Mine have worked flawlessly, super easy to operate. Set it and Ferget it.

Game Camera
I use the Primos Truth Cam 46. It uses 4 C batteries and I have not changed them since october. It has a easy to understand screen and a sleep mode to save battery life. The picture quality is amazing and I have captured hundreds and hundreds of pictures without changing batteries. You can also buy a tree adapter that attatches to the back. It helps out when angles of trees are just right. Hope this helps. Good luck this season!
swamp ghost trail cams
I don't know what is best because all I have ever had is a swamp ghost trail cam. Have had it for 4 or 5 years now. As long as it keeps taking pictures I don't see a reason to find out what is best.

I do like the cases that Swamp Ghost cameras use becouse I have seen multiple Swamp Ghost cameras go underwater in the basin and they keep the water out and kept on working. They also come with a cable that protects the camera from theft. To much money to just have someone walk in an steal it without major effort.
Cheapies for me
I buy the $99 Moultrie cameras from Academy. 5.0 MP takes good quality pics. Been using one for about a month an a half and the battery level is still above 70%. It takes about 150 pictures every 4 days.
Bushnell Trophy
Go to Consider the Bushnell Trophy. Cheaper if purchased online. Good luck!