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Houseboat Regulations?

I recently purchased a small houseboat that I would like to locate (long term)around the Upper Bayou Sorrell area of the spillway. I can not find any info about the regulations concerning houseboats. I have been told that any state owned land is fair game, but I'm not sure that is correct. I see plenty of houseboats all over the spillway, any info would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to locate the boat somewhere that would get me a citation, then have to move it.
I called LDWF, they only have permits for the Atchafalya delta area, way too far south.
Anyone out there with experiance about houseboats???
house boat
we lease land for a camp you would have to see were you want to put it and contact the land owner
Camp site
Call the state land office to inquire about a campsite lease. U need to have an idea of the general area u would like and then the process can be started. It's a pretty easy process.