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Info needed

I recently purchased a small houseboat that I would like to locate (long term)around the Upper Bayou Sorrell area of the spillway. I can not find any info about the regulations concerning houseboats. I have been told that any state owned land is fair game, but I'm not sure that is correct. I see plenty of houseboats all over the spillway, any info would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to locate the boat somewhere that would get me a citation, then have to move it.
I called LDWF, they only have permits for the Atchafalya delta area, way too far south.
Anyone out there with experiance about houseboats???
House Boat
I have one off Duck Lake. We pay yearly to Williams Land Company? I think is is $250 per year.
i wouldn't be too worried about a citation?????
i would be worried more about the house boat being sunk!!!!!! just an opinion!!!!!!
Ours has been there for about 4+ years. We do not lock it so the trash will not break the windows or knock the door in. We have had a LP bottle and generator line stolen. Just do not leave anything of value in the boat. I would not mind if someone needed to get out of the weather to enter. Just leave everything in tact.
house boat
years ago my dad and i got caught by a real bad thunderstorm back in the spillway . we got to a house boat tied up the door was unlocked so we went inside to get out the rain . there was a plaque on the wall telling folks to please come in, there is food in the cabinet use what you need ,please clean up after your self and don't tear up anything, We didn't eat any of the food but i left a ten dollar bill in the cabinet w/ a note thanking the owner for his hospitality.
Don't know if he got it or if someone else found it . But that, to me is what louisiana is all about.