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Need some advice

We lease some land in port sulphur and i was woundering if its a good idea to leave the decoy spread in the pond for a few days at a time or should I pick them up and throw them back out everytime I go hunting?

Shot this woody and 3 green winged teal this morning.
You will be ok to leave em' out for a few days, but personally I prefer to pick them up daily so the birds don't get use to them and I like setting different looking spreads each time and rarely hunt the same spot two days in a row.
I like to pick mine up after the hunt. I've tried to leave decoys out before and it can work for you sometimes. But here's the thing, unless you're hunting a tiny pond, you will probably move your decoys a little differt each hunt in accordance with the wind. Plus, leaving your decoys out always means loosing a few to sudden storms, leaks, high tide and believe it or not, the critters will knaw on them at night which ends up as a sunken decoy.
Leaving them out may not bother the birds if your'e in a daily flght path with travelling birds from other areas. But if your birds are currently residing in that area. They're looking at those dekes every day, all day.

If you think about it, when ducks land in the decoys they almost always swim away from them because they realize something is not right. So I wouldn't do it.
Decoys in the Pond
I've hunted in the marsh on private land for 29 years and I have to say that leaving the decoys on the pond will NOT distract ducks. The only drawback to leaving them on the pond is that if the wind changes direction, or if the water rises/drops, you may have to pick them up and move them to another blind location. I've left decoys around the blind all season in the past and we've never had a problem. In fact, one afternoon I fell asleep in the blind and woke up to something hiting the side of my boat. I about pee'd my pants when I heard the sounds of feeding ducks and saw 4-500 ducks on the pond, and in my decoys. They were eating snails off my boat and the brush, and even the decoys. Yep, they were plucking snails off the decoys. Some discourage it, but on my lease, no worries if they're set up right. I've left them out all split several times.
Thanks for the help guys. Goodluck hunting to yall!

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