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Shotgun Problems

Made a solo hunt before work this morning and it really didn't turn out as I had hoped. Weren't many birds flying where I was at, and the worst part was that my new gun wouldn't even shoot! About 2 weeks ago, I broke down and bought a brand new Max 4 Benelli Supernova. I did my research and saw nothing but good reviews, so I decided what the hell. I noticed on my last hunt that a few times I pulled the trigger and all I got was CLICK, no shot. I chalked it up to maybe some bad shells, but I had a new box this morning and had even more problems. Didn't get many shots at all, but about 7 am here comes a nice grey right over the decoys. I stand up, pull the trigger once CLICK, twice CLICK, the bird winks at me and flys off! This continued throughout the morning, VERY VERY frustrating. It would fire about every third or so shot but I couldn't take it any longer, so I headed in around 8:15. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I'm going back to Puglia's on Saturday, maybe they can help me out or they may have to ship it off, I really don't know
Too much or heavy oil in the firing pin assembly will cause this on some guns!Hope this helps!
loading issue
When you load the first shell in the chamber do you let it slam forward or do you slide it up slowly? If you do not let it slam it will give problems and misfire. I have a benelli super black eagle and it will do it from time to time when I try to do it quietly. If you are hearing a click it means your breach is not closing completely.
Good luck
I had this problem with my superNova
That is why it has been laid up in my gun cabinet for about 4 years now.

I think it was the same problem anyway. The Firing pin spring was not strong enough and when the pin would hit the shell primer it would only ignite about 2/3 of the time. This happened about 1 year of owning the gun. It is real easy to tell if this is the problem. Check the primer of the shell misfires. If it has an indention in it then this is your problem. I also had the problem where the firing mechanism wasn't locked onto the shell....Some of the others were talking about this. If this is the case your trigger won't depress at all.

I am happy with my Browning maxus....My buddy had his remington 887 pump break down on the last hunt. Crazy, but the automatic cycling gun is performing better than the manual cycling one.
I had a similiar problem w/ superblack eagle and found the firing pin spring had broke.
gun problem
checvki and see if the screw that holds that barrel in place is tight by this i mean that camp right next to the pump mechisem if this is lose the gun will not shot happen to my gf gun opening morein
887 same problem
The best fix is to buy a Remington 870 :)
same thing....
Simmilar issue going on with my gun (Benelli Supernova) as well. Had it happen on my first hunt with the new gun. Thought just maybe I didn't pull the trigger hard enough, then on the next hunt I realized what was going on. It is a rare occasion that it happens, but always at the worst possible time, like when you have 8 pintails right in front and you could almost hit them with the end of the barrel.
I bought a nova about 4 years ago and it did the same thing to me on my first hunt with it. i bought it to the local gun shop and the spring was loose. all he did was tighten it up and it hasnt miss fired since. its the best gun i've owned.
Had a similar problem with my Nova. I just put in in the cabinet and didn't shoot it for 5 years and started shooting my Beretta. When my Beretta broke this year I pulled it back out and now it works fine. Maybe I hurt its feelings or something.
Thanks for the Response
Brought it back to Puglia's this morning and they said they would ship it back to Benelli and hopefully have it back in about a month. I'm just glad that the season is almost over because that would really suck to buy a new gun in the begining and have them tell you your sh*t out of luck for the rest of the season. The people over there are pretty cool but I was surprised they didn't even offer to look at the gun to see if it could be some minor problem before they just send it off. Anyway, only one more week left and the old 870's still shooting, even though I haven't had much to shoot at the past few hunts. Good Luck the rest of the season.
I think you should've bought a beretta and you wouldn't have this problem haha. No man just messing with you. I knew a guy with a 20gauge benelli nova pump that sometimes did the samw thing and his was a defective fire pin. Let me know what they say about your man.
Looks like your research has turned up several problems, at least on this site!

Anywhoo...hope the factory finds your problem and fixes it. Ain't nothing worse than waiting along time for the fix, then gettin' it back and it still does not work right!

Good Luck


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