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2010/2011 Duck Season

Well, no more sleep deprived work days, 4 am wake up calls during the week, or fingernails that just look dirty all the time. Time to start catching up on honey do's and housework that was neglected since mid November. I was fortunate enough on Sunday to watch the sun set on another successful season for both birds and memories. Every season seems to be more enjoyable than the previous and this one was no different. I was lucky enough to make some new hunting buddies this year and make 9 hunts with my good friend who's 75 years old and can still shoot and drink with the best of em. It still hasn't hit me yet, I don't think, that I'll have to put up my duck calls and decoys till next September. My work schedule allowed me to make plenty duck hunts this season and here is our final tally for the year (Big duck season only). We made 33 hunts and killed 352 ducks. That averages out to be 10.6 birds/attempt. The first split was very good as we really didn't have a single bad hunt. The second split was more hit and miss with the water level being a major determining factor for success. When the big fronts came in and blew the water out, we were hard pressed to kill ducks. But when we had water, like clockwork the birds would move back in. Most of our season was spent hunting in Caernarvon shooting blue and greenwing teal with an occasional spoonbill or mottled. I hunted both opening weekends on our lease in Delacroix and we limited out both but our success steadily declined thereafter. Our bags out there consisted mostly of teal, with some dogris and a handful of grey ducks and mottled ducks. Overall we had another fantastic season with plenty of laughs, missed shots, and some great pictures for the album. Time to go catch some reds and bay snapper until it warms up.

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