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Which Falcon rod???

Which Falcon rods are right for inshore fishing? I bought a 7' MH 'Original' tonight to match up with a Revo XS I bought from Gus a while back. It makes a sharp 'looking' rig, but I'm wondering if I should have bought one of the other models. For all you Falcon guys, what's the scoop???


i think that you should go return it and get a falcon cara with the split grip or on e of the low riders. i have preety much tried all the rods out there bc im a kid and i spend all my grass cut money on fishing rods and reels. i personally think that those are the best inshore falcon rods. if you want the best inshore rod you need to get a swampland coastal rod. they are $120 and i will only buy those and the falcon low rider rods from now on.
Falcon Rods
I have a 6'6' M Original Falcon Spinning Rod with a Shimano Symetre 3000 reel. I love it for specs and reds. I have never used any of the other Falcon models as a comparison and I have never used any Falcon rods on baitcasters.
I have the falcon lowriders and coastal series and think the lowriders are great for the price.
best are low price
The best fishing pole is one under $50. No reason to spend more than that.
just practical advice
Just letting newbies know you don't have to get an expensive pole. If people want to get a $200 pole (which are lighter and more sensitive), that's fine.

In my experience, too many bad things happen to poles, and its better to have numbers of decent poles than 2 expensive poles. Poles fly out boats, rod tips get broken, poles get snapped. In fact, the more expensive poles are more prone to this.

I catch limits of reds year-round, and plenty of trout, flounder, drum, etc. on so-called 'cheap' poles that are still light-weight and flexible. Of course, I'm not suggesting people get a $10 stick, either, just a decent pole.

Its more important to invest in a good reel, IMHO.

Of course, if you are rich, then go to town. But, I'm not rich.
Falcon rods
I have a 7' MH Bucoo that I really like for Reds and for bumping a jig on the bottom and its realatively cheap. I think it was $109 at academy.
Great Marketing
Sometimes our priorities are screwed up. The best fishing rod I think I've owned was an Allstar rod I brought a couple of years ago for about 40 dollars until a friend I loaned it to broke the tip. The best all around rod was an Ugly stick intercoastal that I paid 30 dollars for. Now I don't even look at a rod unless its more than a hundred dollars, and have about 15 rod/reel combinations both inshore and offshore just for myself and I might fish offshore once a year. I guess all the MARKETING has worked.
I own a couple of Falcon rods and they are excellent for Saltwater. I really like my Coastal Rod. 7' Med for Specks and my MH Lowrider is hard to beat for Reds. They have excellent Seats, Guides, and rod!! The Orginal rods are ok, but they don't have they rod exposed on the seats to have that exta sentitivity.

Allstar does make a good rod but i would get the ones made in Texas. USA made instead of China. FYI: Academy bought out Allstar and they will star handing more Allstars made in Texas USA!!!
Style of Fishing???
People crack me up, I would say that there must be a few advantages to more expensive rods. But anyway I have to ask what is or is going to be your style of fishing? Artificial, live bait, popping cork, deep water jigging? Spinning or casting?

I say that comfort should be the #1 priority, the rod should fit your hand and be comfortable.

For certain styles (popping corks, bait, mirrolures) I do like the $50 rods (allstar and castaway). For other styles (jigging, topwater, long days with mirrolures) I like the more expensive rods for the sensitivity and weight (heavier rods will wear you out). I also use skeleton-style rods because I palm the reel (baitcaster) so the cork on a regular rod the cork gets in the way.

Most rods will break eventually so don't sweat that, so most of mine have a lifetime warranty.

If you know people with different styles of rods, cast them for a while and see how each one feels. I'd meet you at Dockside this weekend if you want to cast one of mine.

Good luck!