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Pirogue Selection

I have searched the threads already and thought I would get some opinions once again on what some of you waterfowlers are using for pirogues. I have done some pricing, plus thinking about what I need.

I would like to get a 2 man pirogue and I am looking at either the Ron Chapman or Paw Paw's. I even got some specs on having an aluminum built. The custom aluminum and Ron C. look to be close in price, the Paw paw's is higher priced, but don't know how its quality and performance compare.

I am a little shy on having the aluminum custom done, because i would using it for morning or midday wood duck stalking, and previous threads have mentioned that aluminum is noisier, and of course heavier to handle.

Chime in please.
I bought a Paw Paw's last year and its been the best thing I ever spent money on for duckhunting.
I have not tried a Ron C. so i cant really speak on them one way or the other but they seem to be good as well. I have heard that some of the Ron C. boats will lose thier railings with heavy use and need to be repaired but I cant say from experience. Hopefully some others on here can comment on them.

My paw paw's has been put through hell and back with no issues at all. It carries a heavy load of me (230 lbs), gun, over 1 doz deeks, blind materials, blind bag, and dog a(67 lbs) and still gets me through less than 6' of water and some rough spots. I really like the bannana shape of the boat it makes it very easy to push over mudd and logs.
After two seasons it has hardly any show of wear and tear. Paddles easy and is very stable as far a pirogues go.
Hope this helps
Yea im looking to get a nice pirogue..How much freeboard do you have on that pirogue when you sitting in it?
I have not used the Paw Paw's to be fair.......

But I can tell you that just a few weeks ago I called Chapman's to order a new Pirogue telling them that after 20 years we have finally worn one out......

Mr. Geracie immediately said 'no you didn't, you can't wear our pirogues out'

He fixed two older pirogues that I thought would need to be burned LOL.........He was fair on his price in fixing them. Almost too fair......

We bought a new pirogue and had the other repaired with the NEW nylon railings.

After pushing these things easily for 25 years, in and out of boats, stacking them four high, loading them way more than we should, dragging them, dropping them, and every other thing that could possibly be done to a pirogue during hunting season.....I stand behind the Chapman.........and so do they.

Cannot spend your money better.
I have a Chapman. The fiberglass is good but the wood frame rubrail has been replaced twice already. Its light and paddles well and hides well. I've packed alot of birds out of the marsh in my Chapman. But the wood kinda agrivates me. I may end up getting a Kayak in years or two as money permits. I don't know much a about Paw Paws, they look a bit heavier. Good luck.
Fiberglass is the quiet'r of the two. I don't own either the RC or PP, but I have used a RC (older model) and yes it has seen abuse and it shows on the rails and the seat to hull joints, but still a battle axe!

I'm super size and I went with (don't even know brand) one that had high sides and was built like a battleship...only problem is it is very heavy and rather bulky. I'd recommend finding the lightest one that will support your needs!

Find someone with the type you're looking for and test it out before you go to buy one.

If I had it to do over again I'd have went with a lighter pirogue. 20's, 30's & 40's may be alright but 'dem 50's sure make da' dang boat hard to handle by-u-self!
Have You thought of going Fiberglass? I know alot of people talk about how Fiberglass is garbage and doesnt last but its really light and fiberglass absorbs vibration unlike aluminum... and your right they are noisy... HydroFlat just came out with a new layout boat called the LayFlat and its only about 60 pounds and is 10'L x 36' at its widest point... i have put 2 people and 2 dogs in it and paddled quite nicely... its wide so its a little harder to flip than your average everyday pirogue... im posting some pics to show you what it looks like and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask you can contact me at 504-559-9943 im located in DesAllemands LA...
I've had the same chapman for 20+years. The wooden rub rail has been repaired numerous times, and I have probably 15 more lbs of fiberglass and cloth patches to keep it together. For a light responsive boat go with a Chapman. For a tough, but heavy boat get a paw paw's. Aluminum is for mudboats. Since I am getting old and lazy, and my kids tear stuff up, I am probably going to buy a paw paw's this season. Tough=paw paws. Lightand responsive=Chapman. Your choice. Unfortunately right now there is no middle ground.
I looked at paw paws but did not quite like the shape. ( to each his own ). I do know that the fiberglass IS quieter and will last longer if cared for. I ended up getting a 2 person from a place in Alexandria and my brother has one just like it. The cost was a lot less than pawpaws or chapmans and we have been well pleased with them for years. My brothers girl even slung his out onto the blacktop at about 50 mph and it only cracked the gel coat. That was two years ago and it's still going strong.
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I Just wanted to give a little more information on Paw-Paw's Pirogues. There is a new 12 ft. model that is now offered with either 1 or 2 seats. It is a little lighter and smaller than the original. The 14 ft. model is the one that is sold at your local Academy stores. Although it may be a little heavier than other brands, most people are supprised that they handle better than the lighter options. I just wanted to let you know about the 12 ft. option. Good luck with whatever you choose to purchase and keep after the ducks!
round bottom is the best... unless u need a big one for the room a round bottom is the way to go