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Dogs on property

I went to top off my feeder and swap my camera card and look what I found! Are these two dogs fighting each other or fighting over something. This is the second time I have seen both of these dogs.
Hard to say...
Man, thats hard to say, what ever they are and are doing its being obscured by the tree and brush.

I know around my area, irresponsible PEOPLE turn dogs, cats or whatever else... out as STRAYS all the time, so they stray around looking for a meal and causing trouble. What's a person to do...ship'em off to the dog pound if you can catch'em or get animal control to do it...if you got one local to you.

You probably got more to worry about with yotes and the like as far as your deer herd goes.

Who knows maybe you got a pair of dogs that fight over eating you corn...he.he..he...

Hard to tell
That is a bloodhound to the left. The same one I caught in my trap two weeks ago. After they left, the deer came in. It gets frustrating.