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Early Gobbling???

I Turkey hunt in SW Miss. I usually don't go til youth weekend, so as to not disturb them too much. For the first time in my life(41), I had birds Gobbling like it was mid March, and it was the whole month of January. Every morning I deer hunted I had 9 birds,4 longbeards, and 5 jakes just tearing it up. It sounded soo good!!!

I even heard a bird gobble in Illinois while bow hunting in early November this past season???

Any body else ever hear them this early???

They were gobbleing HARD in the middle of January on my place!!
That's awesome
I have heard them in the fall and winter tear it up. I don't know why though and didn't see evidence of bredding months early. I think a gobbler will breed any ready hen anytime and when they feel their oats or the mood is right they gobble. Were those birds doing much gobbling on the ground or just really in the tree?

I think there is breeding season seranading and blwoing off steam or announcing there continual presence. Some divide that they understand. I kind of liken it to bucks that make random rubs at odd times of the year - not velvet and not close to breeding time but in between...

Either way, I know that was enjoyable and has you pumped for the season to come. I am glad for you.

I also hunt in S.W. Mississippi and I have heard turkeys gobbling during deer season... not this year though. All the gobbling I have heard during the winter has been before they fly down from the roost. I think they are just a little over anxious.
gobbling all through february is common--the toms are ready --hens should be ready now--most hens are bred prior to the hunting season-one breeding will last a hen through her laying time-turkey biology is weird-they dont have to be bred for each egg or each day--look it up online or in a book or in any of col. tom kelly's books
'Saga of the Turkey Chiropractor'
...did'ya know some people practice turkey call'n in 'da big wild swamps ??? causes many 'Daniel Boone's to have bug eyes and streached necks !!!...cheers